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Need A Loan? Exploding Demand Prompts Personal Lender To Release New Easy Approval Financing Opportunities

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In 10 minutes or less, from the comfort of home, Americans finding themselves in need of a loan can now get up to $2500 wired direct to their bank account, thanks to programs revealed by lending online powerhouse The easy to get accepted offers were prompted by surging demands for money from American families with bad credit scores.

To get the personal loan money being offered, applicants are required to have a steady job, active bank account, be 18 years or older, and be a U.S. resident. The money is not available in all states. To qualify, borrowers can apply here.

“We’ve seen an intense surge in popularity for the bad score personal loan products we offer, with people increasingly interested in no credit checks for approval and flexible repayment terms,” stated Ariel Pryor, with the company.

A recent borrower survey revealed the most common reasons for needing the money:

Avoiding Costly Bank Overdraft Fees
Stopping Eviction Proceedings
Preventing Utility Shutoff
Money For Vacation

A recent TIME bank overdraft fee report revealed banks earned over $31.6 billion in overdraft fees and that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has begun an inquiry into what may be intentionally confusing penalty policies and overdraft fees.

According to the site, an individual with a record including bankruptcy, eviction, foreclosure or other negative items, once reported, leaves traditional banks unwilling to lend.  When bills pile up, and the need for money becomes great, getting short term cash can be a challenge.

Borrowers must share basic personal information in order to see if they get approved.  The process asks for one’s name, monthly income, email, account routing for funding, and how much money the borrower needs.  The process takes less than 10 minutes and following approval, people can get their cash right away.

The application process is secure and confidential, the borrower’s personal information is protected by an encryption process to ensure a safe and a secure experience.

Best of all, less-than-perfect credit need not prevent people from being accepted and getting the cash they need.

Many people with a strong, steady, cash-flow are turning to personal loans, willing to pay a higher interest rate for the convenience and access to money when and how they need it.  The official website where you can apply for a personal loan, has customized its services to meet consumer demand and the repayment terms and program terms have grown more flexible and creative, to the benefit of the borrower.

With the U.S. money rates are still holding at historic lows, according to the Wall Street Journal, we remain in a time where it is cheap to borrow.  According to the company, the interest rates are higher than what can be found in a mortgage or financing based on good scores, but when dealing with small amounts, the increases have less impact on overall borrowing costs and make the easy lending options very attractive.

“These programs aren’t the rigid, expensive advance money of years past.  Lending has evolved and is passing on the convenience and benefits the internet offers to the consumer,” stated Mr. Pryor, adding, “Why should a hard working family, who rarely if ever missed their bill payments, but suffered a foreclosure related to the housing crisis, be viewed as a high risk for borrowing?”

The money does not require security for approval, though real estate or other assets can be used in some circumstances to further reduce the interest rate charged.  The personal loans are being offered unsecured and it is ultimately up to the borrower as to how they want to spend it.

With big bank government bailouts becoming ever more commonplace, it’s good to know that the little guy, at least for the time being, has access to emergency money in a pinch, too.



As unforeseen events happen, more people today than ever are burdened by a bad credit score.  Since 2008, the company has helped over 100,000 people find the financial help they need to get back on their feet.

To find out if you qualify for up to $2500, less-than-perfect credit accepted money, apply now here:


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Need A Loan? Exploding Demand Prompts Personal Lender To Release New Easy Approval Financing Opportunities

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