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Competitive Rate Bad Credit Medical Business Loan Products Now Available With Business Cash Advance Guru

Small medical businesses can now find affordable and flexible loan products, even if the entity has less than perfect or poor credit. Business Cash Advance Guru has made a wide range of bad credit medical business loan products available with many repayment options and no need for a credit evaluation.

Nationwide (PRWEB) March 15, 2013

The alternative lender, based in the Tampa Bay area, is moving forward with its plans to offer several types of debt instruments that can benefit small companies similar to medical businesses. Basing the loan qualifications outside traditional standards allows the innovative lender to approve applications within 24 hours and make funds available within a week’s time.

“Medical businesses, like any other industries, have capital needs. Just because, their line of business is in a specific industry doesn’t mean that they are treated any different by the big banks. It’s been well documented in the national and local news coverage that traditional lenders aren’t lending. Instead, those institutions are holding onto their money, and that’s a real detriment to small business owners,” a company spokesperson said, remarking about the ongoing credit crunch.

Business Cash Advance Guru is in the business of making capital available to small business owners in an effort to infuse economic vitality into local communities all across the nation. It’s lending model allows it to offer several variations of bad credit medical business loan products with very competitive rates.

Rather than basing approval on business and personal credit criteria, the alternative lender states it’s committed to offering business money fast for medical businesses by awarding loans based on the company’s ability to pay in the future, not what it’s done in the past.

“When small business owners go to their bank or credit union, they’re prepared to hand over a few years worth of financial statements. Those same owners know not to bother if they’re seeking a bad credit medical business loan because they won’t be given a second-look,” the spokesperson added.

Business Cash Advance Guru is building a reputation for its emergency medical business loan alternatives and more. It wants to be synonymous with the terms “bad credit medical business loan,” “easy application process,” and “fast approval.”

Medical businesses can get a loan simply based on their future credit card receipts and bank deposits and not have to sign a personal guarantee or put up collateral.

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Competitive Rate Bad Credit Medical Business Loan Products Now Available With Business Cash Advance Guru

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