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InstaLoan Tops 120 Store Locations


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Savannah, GA (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

InstaLoan, a subsidiary of TMX Finance, has maintained a steady rate of growth since its inception. One of the nation’s fastest growing consumer finance companies, InstaLoan is currently operating more than 120 brick and mortar locations. Located throughout Georgia and Florida, the consumer loan company plans to expand its footprint during 2014, adding 21 locations by the end of 1st quarter. New InstaLoan locations are planned for Albany, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. Individuals in these areas will have an opportunity to get the cash they need through a variety of different loan options including: 1st lien loans, personal loans, and signature loans.

“Our consumer demand is positive proof that InstaLoan offers a much-needed service,” said Linda McDonald, Vice President of Operations for InstaLoan. “We are here to help all types of individuals get the financing they need as quickly and easily as possible.”

InstaLoan offers a variety of different types of financial solutions, including: 1st lien loans, signature loans, and personal loans. To secure a short-term cash loan, an individual must have a government-issued ID and proof of income. Some loan products require a vehicle registered in the applicant’s name or loan documentation for the vehicle. Individuals with good, bad, and no credit can be approved for a short-term cash loan with InstaLoan. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and our stores can be reached by calling 855-849-LOAN. To learn more about the loan products offered by InstaLoan, visit

InstaLoan has more than 120 locations throughout Georgia and Florida and plans to continue its growth this year. Click to find a location near you.

About InstaLoan

Our history: InstaLoan, a subsidiary of TMX Finance, opened its first location in Macon, GA in 2006 under the EquityAuto Loan brand. Since then the company has grown to over 120 locations in Georgia and Florida.

What we offer: InstaLoan is one of the fastest growing consumer loan companies in the country. InstaLoan offers a variety of short-term lending solutions, including: 1st lien loans, signature loans, and personal loans, to individuals with all types of credit profiles. InstaLoan focuses on providing people with the cash they need by working with them to determine the best type of loan for their situation.


Leveraged Loan Issuance Surges To $15B As Market Remains Hot


Leveraged loan issuance in the U.S. surged to $15 billion this week from $7.7 billion last week as the market continues upward, even as equities slump sharply. Year to date (through yesterday), leveraged loan issuance totals $48.8 billion, according to S&P Capital IQ.

Once again there was a handful of more richly priced LBO loans among the roughly 20 deals brought to market during the week. The largest was a $1.5 billion credit backing KKR’s acquisition of insurance concern Sedgwick Claims Management Services. That deal, like many of late, includes a second-lien tranche. The growing number of second-lien credits is another indicator – along with covenant-lite loans – of just how much investor demand there is.

Also this week, private equity concern Carlyle launched a $435 million loan backing its LBO of Vogue International, a hair-care and personal products manufacturer.

Again, the market remains hot. Reverse-flexes continue, and new opportunistic transactions – aka refinancings – have emerged despite the fact that the broader markets are supposedly down, writes LCD’s Chris Donnelly.

Indeed, leveraged loan yields continue to fall. The average single-B yield on a U.S. leveraged loan slipped to 4.61% this week from 4.85% a week ago. Double-B new-issue loan yields inched to 3.33% from 3.4%, according to Donnelly.

Why the sustained market pressure? Institutional investors continue to sit atop an ever-growing mountain of cash. This week saw a $460 million net inflow to U.S. loan funds, according to Lipper. That makes 85 straight weeks of cash flowing into market, totaling a whopping $63 billion. Year-to-date loan fund inflows total $3.4 billion, says Lipper.


Mets owners refinance $250 million loan


Posted: Friday, January 31, 2014, 9:41 AM

The post-Madoff Mets have managed to survive, yet again.

In refinancing their $250 million loan, the New York Mets have addressed their biggest off-field issue, according to the New York Post’s Josh Kosman.



Wlimer Flores could see time at shortstop

After their books were devastated by Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz had to sell 40 percent of the team and scale back the club’s budget for player payroll.

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New York Mets

More from our team sites

New York Mets blog Amazin’ Avenue

However, the new terms of their loan could ease the stress on ownership by alleviating them of the requirement to make a massive cash payment. This could mean the current owners will be able to continue to maintain their majority stake in the team.

There is something of a “silver-lining” for fans. Under the previous framework of the loan, the club was prohibited from significantly increasing payroll, but that is no longer the case. It could still be a while before the Mets return to their $140 million pre-Madoff heyday.

New York is likely to increase payroll slightly over 2013 this season. That kind of incremental advancement in spending appears to be the best-case scenario for fans hoping their team will return to their upper-tier spending habits. In the end, the new details of the loan are just another step in the team’s recovery from an embarrassing, and very public, loss that could have signaled the end of the current ownership group.

One of Kosman’s sources called the team’s recovery a “miracle.” It might not be as exciting as the 1986 World Series, but for Wilpon and Katz, the new details of the loan are pretty close to miraculous.

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This article originally appeared on SBNation.

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Steer clear? auto loan refinancing

A lower car payment, what’s not to like?

It’s an enticing proposition, but refinancing an auto loan can often significantly increase the amount you have to pay over the life of a loan.

“The concept of lowering your monthly payments will often outweigh the financial sensibility of that decision,” said Jack Gillis, auto expert for the Consumer Federation of America.

And yet, a growing number of borrowers are electing to refinance their auto loan. Last year, auto loan refinance inquiries on nearly doubled from a year earlier, according to the online lending service. Completed loans jumped 47 percent from the previous year.

But when might refinancing your auto loan be a smart move? Here are four factors to consider:


Refinancing an auto loan enables you to pay off your lender and take on a new loan at a more favorable annual percentage rate, or APR.

That means that you generally wouldn’t consider refinancing unless you can get a lower APR. But there is an exception: If you want to lower your monthly payment and are willing to extend the repayment period for your loan. Of course, you will be paying more money over time.

Unlike mortgage loan refinancing, lenders generally don’t charge fees or closing costs to refinance an auto loan. That places a priority on shopping around for the best rate. In recent weeks, auto loan refinancing offers on LendingTree have been available for 1.99 percent for borrowers with the best credit scores.

Check lender websites or portals like or


The most attractive outcome in any refinancing is to lower the amount of you will repay during the term of the loan.

Maybe you didn’t shop around when you went car shopping and feel you could have negotiated a lower interest rate. Or perhaps your credit score has improved significantly since you took out your auto loan, so you are now able to qualify for a lower interest rate. Refinancing could trim your finance charges.

Paying off your original loan when you refinance could help boost your credit score, as the loan would show up in your credit history as paid off.

Lenders and financial information sites often have online calculators that can help you estimate whether a new loan will save you money, such as:

Many free financial apps are also available for smartphone and tablet users.


Prolonging the life of a car loan also can be risky because — unlike real estate which can appreciate — cars lose their value over time. Extending the loan term means that you will owe more on the vehicle than it’s worth for a longer period.

“This is a terrible position to be in if the car gets stolen or gets in a serious accident or you desperately need to sell,” said Gillis.

One rule of thumb: If you have less than two years left on your loan, avoid refinancing. “If it’s a cash-flow issue, it’s a consideration, but I wouldn’t do it,” said Rick Finch, general manager of LendingTree’s auto segment.


Banks often cap both the amount they will lend and the repayment period for a refinancing. They may also limit the kinds of vehicles that are eligible.

Some lenders won’t refinance loans on motorcycles or recreational vehicles, for example. And typically, lenders will only refinance vehicles that are no older than seven years.

LoansInvesting Education […]

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Mets get good news with loan, which means good news with payroll


View gallery.

Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon. (Getty)

The New York Mets biggest victory of 2014 has come long before opening day and happened nowhere near a Major League Baseball diamond. It has to do with a $250 million loan that owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz have hanging over them. The loan is going to be refinanced, which includes removal of restrictions on how much the team can add to payroll.

They finally can see light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not the No. 7 train.

Mets partners were among a long list victimized by Bernie Madoff’s ponzie scheme. Cash flow has been a problem ever since — with stopgap loans being required and many favors cashed in, putting current ownership in peril of losing the team. As a result, the team’s payroll, about $140 million in 2010, is going to be about $93 million in 2014 — which would rank 24th out of 30 teams.

The New York Post published details Thursday night about the loan refinancing that includes phrases one should never read in a baseball story. They include: “This will be oversubscribed,” and “The rate will likely end up at Libor, plus 300 basis points.”

So Libor is one of the guys competing for the starting shortstop job, or?

The Post writes:

Until recently, it wasn’t certain investors weren’t going to insist the team owners pay down some of the loan to get the refinancing done.

Wilpon and Katz will not be asked for any cash paydown, sources said.

Plus, interest payments are expected to stay about the same, a source with direct knowledge of the situation said.

The rate will likely end up at Libor, plus 300 basis points, or a shade under 4 percent, a source said.

The seven-year re-fi will give Wilpon and Katz much- desired financial breathing room, sources said.

For the longtime friends and team owners, it is perhaps the best outcome they could have hoped for.

For Mets fans hoping for new ownership to breathe new life — along with some power and pitching — into the line-up, perhaps the news is less thrilling.

So cynical, one paragraph at a time! Without the refinancing, a big cash payment on the principal — perhaps an “insurmountable” one — was coming in the spring. This gets Wilpon and Katz off the hook for that. It buys them more time to own the team and make it competitive again. That’s good news, unless you wanted them to have to sell the team. Are there people out there who want the Wilpons to sell the team?

– – – – – – –

David Brown


Big League Stew

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65% of payday loans 'paid in time' « Shropshire Star

Less than two-thirds of payday loans are fully paid back on time or early, research for the Competition Commission has found.

The Commission, which is carrying out an industry-wide probe following reports of “deep-rooted” problems in the payday sector, published a progress report into its analysis so far.

The report said that around 65% of loans are repaid in full on time or early and repeat use of payday loans, either by rolling one over or taking out another loan, is “prevalent”.

It has also found seven out of 10 customers reported that they had not shopped around before taking out their most recent loan, and six out of 10 said they had never done so.

Looking at “repeat customers”, the Commission said around half of customers who have never taken out a loan with a given lender before either end up either rolling over their first loan or borrowing more money from the same lender within 30 days of the original loan.

Three-fifths (60%) of new customers go on to take at least one further loan with the same lender within a year of their first loan.

The Commission’s estimates suggest that a payday customer will take out three or four more loans with the same lender within a year of their first loan with that firm.

It said that taking people borrowing from multiple lenders into account, repeat use of payday loans is “likely to be even more widespread”.

The Commission found that the biggest players in the sector account for most loans issued.

The three largest suppliers of payday loans in the UK are Wonga, a private UK company; US-listed company DFC Global Corporation – operating in the UK as Dollar Financial, which has three subsidiaries trading as The Money Shop, Payday UK and Payday Express – and Cash EuroNet, a subsidiary of Cash America which has developed three online lending products – QuickQuid, Pounds to Pocket and Flexcredit.

The Commission is considering whether payday firms would find it harder now to enter the market or expand than when the major lenders did.

Payday firms were referred to the Commission by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), which last year found some firms appeared to base their business practices around people who cannot afford to pay their loans back on time, meaning the original cost of the loan balloons and they become trapped with that lender.

From April, tough new regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will start to oversee payday firms.

The FCA recently announced plans to crack down on the sector, including limiting the number of times payday lenders are allowed to roll over loans to twice, forcing them to put “risk warnings” on their advertising and limiting the number of attempts lenders can make to claw back money if there is insufficient cash in a borrower’s bank account to two.

The FCA is also looking at capping the total cost of credit.

The Commission’s progress report estimated that around one million people took out a payday loan in the UK in 2012.

It said: “Although we have seen some evidence of a slowing in the rate of increase in demand for payday loans, growth remains relatively strong.”

The report said there is “a clear demand for relatively small, short-term loans, a demand which is currently largely being met by payday lenders”.

It found the typical payday loan customer is 35 years old and take-up of loans is higher in areas seen as having lower incomes and greater levels of deprivation.

Borrowers are more likely to live in households with children and men make up three-fifths (60%) of payday borrowers.

The average amount borrowed on a payday loan is £260 and the typical duration of a loan is 22 days. Three-fifths (60%) of borrowers said the loan was for something they could not have done without and 70% said the need for a loan was linked to a change in financial circumstances.

Around half of borrowers needed the money for living expenses such as food and utility bills and one in 25 (4%) used a payday loan towards their rent or mortgage.

The research also found around four-fifths of payday customers take out their loan online.

Of the minority of borrowers that did shop around, most found out how much it would cost to borrow from another lender (nine out of 10) and how quickly the other loan would be granted (eight out of 10).

Of those who said they compared loans with different lenders, around two-thirds compared the charges if they did not pay back on time. Of the three in 10 online customers who shopped around, half visited the websites of more than three lenders.

The Commission said its current view is that “the lack of substitutability and access to other credit products suggests that providers of other forms of credit will provide little competitive constraint on payday lenders”.

Many borrowers had experienced problems using other types of credit in the past, with 29% having been turned down for credit in the last 12 months and 52% having had debt problems in the last five years.

Some customers considered the charges of an overdraft to be “hidden” compared with those of a payday loan, the Commission found.

It said: “Most parties told us that the representative annual percentage rate (APR), which payday lenders are required to display, is not particularly helpful in helping borrowers to compare short-term loans or work out the total cost of credit.

“We note that banks are exempt from the requirement to display a representative APR when publishing their overdraft charges.”

The Commission plans to set out provisional findings in May/June, with a full report expected later this year.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of consumer group Which? said: “Our research shows that a million households a month are using payday loans, often to cover essentials or repay other debt. If a third of all loans aren’t repaid on time that means thousands of borrowers are paying default fees, pushing them further into debt.

“Payday lenders must justify the level of their fees and the regulator must take action to ensure all fees are fair, proportionate and only reflect lenders’ costs.”


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Report: Mets owner refinances $250M loan

Mets secure $250M loan refinancing

Updated: January 31, 2014, 12:01 AM ET

By Adam Rubin | ESPNNewYork.comRecommend0 Tweet0 Comments0 Print

NEW YORK — New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon and family, who faced a massive $250 million loan against the team coming due in the next few months, have successfully arranged for it to be refinanced, according to a published report.

The Post reported that the refinanced loan will not come due for seven years, freeing the cash-strapped owners from an immediate, burdensome obligation that could put their ownership of the team in peril.

The newspaper added that interest payments will remain about the same for team owners under the new terms. They will not be required to immediately pay down any principal as part of the refinancing agreement — avoiding the type of immediate lump-sum obligation that could trip them up.

The refinanced loan reportedly also does not restrict the Mets’ payroll, whereas the original loan’s terms capped how much the Mets could spend on players. The Mets’ payroll currently is about $87 million for 2014 — well below what is customary in a large market such as New York.

The owners have faced financial peril in recent years in part because they invested in swindler Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. They recently sold minority ownership shares in the club in order to pay down debt, including a loan from Major League Baseball.

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Adam Rubin


Adam Rubin has covered the Mets since 2003. He’s a graduate of Mepham High School on Long Island and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joined ESPNNewYork after spending 10 years at the New York Daily News.

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