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Fast Payday Loans Way To Derive Cash Before Next … – fiell blog

Have you every been in a bind and tried to locate emergency capital in a rush. Look out for pay day loans on the web, they are nothing but a scam.

Cash advance loans do demand loan fees. Nonetheless, all these are flat fees. A fee of $15 to $40 is applied for each $100 borrowed. Provided that a borrower refunds the cash advance from the deadline, they won’t incur additional charges. About the other hand, failure to make regular payments can lead to day-to-day incurring interest and daily late fees.

Ever find yourself strapped for cash? I believe we all can say we have had a time, or two, in our lives where some fast cash or an advance loan would have really be convenient. Using the market in crisis, it seems that regular living is becoming more and more hard to afford. With prices increasing on everything from gasoline to grocery stores, that money that was being set aside each month is rapidly vanishing.

To help folks facing instant-short term fiscal difficulties, many financial firms have come up with short term unsecured loans. Such loans are a solution to allow you to pay off unexpected financial problems like medical bills, grocery bills, car repair, house repair, etc. Nonetheless, folks with poor credit often feel they won’t be able get assistance from financial institutions. Don’t fret!, for bad credit, these loans become ‘no-credit-check’ loans. This means it is possible to avail financing even when you possess a bad credit rating. The important benefit of such particular loans is that, they are accessible with simple repayment options, that won’t place added weight on your already taxing monthly budget.

pay day loanare used for those that find themselves in dire financial straits, but who see a light by the end of the tunnel. This happens to everyone from time to time and there’s not any reason to panic. A Canadian internet payday loan can help you out of this sort of trouble. They can get you the cash that you need immediately to pay your bills, remove high interest rates or delayed penalties, and get back on your own feet financially. By next payday, you will be in a much better financial situation. In case you learn how to budget your money accordingly, you will not have to use payday loans for long.

There are lots of things which banks/financial institutions contemplate, before sanctioning such loans. The credit history of the outstanding loan applicant is examined attentively. The loan application may get rejected when it is discovered the applicant hasn’t cleared his previous dues. Individuals with great credit history get taste while sanctioning loans. The credit score can decide whether payday loans uk the applicant is creditworthy or not.

Fiscal dilemmas can cause more problems for folks other than just not being able to pay their invoices. When someone needs to borrow money, they may have to find a location that is willing to offer financing which is not based on somebody’s credit history. Some pay day loanscould be helpful for many scenarios.

Such loans are federally insured loans. And so the lending institute is ensured of repayment in just about any eventuality. This provision makes it simpler for people that have a poor credit rating to be eligible for the loan.

It is possible to borrow any sum in the number of 100-1500 through a cash advance. Repayment terms with this loan are constantly brief. After all, you should pay it back on the next payday. It is going to continue for around 2-4 weeks from your date of loan issuance just. If conditions force one to delay your payment, you may request your lender to roll over the sum for many time. But this may surely cost an extra fee.

Which brings me to the point do not utilize a cash advance on the Internet because you’ll be spending endless hours on the computer for nothing. It turns out to be dead end.


Instantaneous Payday Loans No Credit Check Quick Cash Till …

These loans do not demand any records, facsimile or credit check to be conducted to the borrower. These are unsecured loans, that help you during your fiscal crisis, until the next payday. As they can be short-term loans, an individual does not need to be worried about the long-term loans or multiple payments.

A ‘bad credit’ is a common term that is used pay day loans to indicate a negative credit report, credit rating, credit score or credit history. Typically a negative credit entails a series of missed payments or defaults. The credit rating and scores are alphabetical and numeric shapes, that depict the credit worthiness of a special man.

Many lenders will obtain a set fee which cannot be altered even if a person is the best customer they have. They may be able to alter the due date though. When paydays are some days following the initial due date of a person’s loan, they can normally make an extension to ensure that a person can avoid late fees or overdraft charges.

The mechanism for such a loan is rather easy. All you’ll have to do is hunt for a lender in the nearby locality and fill in the application form. Another choice is that you can fill in the form online. The lending institution will undergo your identification and can get a credit report when you have began sing credit associated ability. The financial institution could also go throughout your current account. If the amount of the loan is very big you then might need to pledge an asset as a collateral. The lender will mail you a proposition combined with the rate of interest. You will have to give your permission, upon which the sum will likely be deposited to your own checking account. The entire process only takes a couple of hours.

If you are thinking of studying in the US, or you’re an US student who desires to study abroad, you might desire a global student loan to finance your education. You are able to apply for international student loans, but you may desire your loan to be signed by somebody who is a citizen of the Usa or a resident of the united states. Yet if that’s impossible, then you certainly can opt for loans from Global Student Loan Corporation (GSLC).

Mutual funds and similar investment options are well suited for those who uk pay day loans want their money to be managed by professionals. Such investment chances can also be tremendously advantageous as they have high growth rates. Why don’t you repay the debt early, and make use of this amount to purchase mutual funds? That will be the greatest usage of the making potential of that sum.

Someone who can submit an application for an instantaneous cash payday advance needs to fulfill certain criteria for acquiring financing. You must be a citizen of the United States and over 18 years of age. You must be (omit) used and need to have a salary of at least USD 1000 per month. You need to have an active bank account to get access to an advance payday loan. You may apply for such loans, in case you have an emergency price at hand. The motives for availing such loans usually include medical bills, mortgage payment, auto repair bills, etc.

They need to also constantly payday loans uk give you there information on how to contact them and also a phone number to test status. Many of these businesses give you a number but don’t even need to talk to you.

In the long run, it proves to be extremely lucrative. It means that the sales price of the property (that is raised as a result of the improvement) significantly surpasses the real cash outlay for the property.

Bear in mind that you should undertake a lot of research, before you select a moneylender who offers you loans that satisfy your demands. Just like 1000s of other Americans, you too can get a no fax cash advance, virtually instantly. Such loans prove to be a blessing for those who are put in a short-term financial catastrophe.


Payday Lending: FCA Unveils 'Tough' New Rules for Controversial …

Image payday-lending.jpg

Payday lenders are accused of legal loan sharking because of their sky-high interest rates and punitive penalties when repayments are missedReuters

The Financial Conduct Authority will ban payday lending adverts it thinks are misleading under a raft of new rules it is imposing on the UK’s £200bn consumer credit industry.

Payday lenders will also be limited to two ‘rollovers’ on every loan, capping the extra fees that borrowers burden themselves with by extending the life of a loan.

And they will be made to carry out affordability checks on all borrowers to ensure those applying for loans can afford the repayments.

The FCA said its “tough” new supervision will be “hands on” and it will punish consumer credit firms who it thinks are not acting in their customers’ interests – including forcing them to pay penalties and compensation.

“Millions of consumers access some form of credit each day, from paying for everyday goods by credit to taking out a payday loan,” said Martin Wheatley, chief executive of the financial watchdog.

“We want to be sure that the market works well when people need it – whether that’s for one day, one month or longer.

“Our new rules will help us to protect consumers and give us strong new powers to tackle any firm found to be overstepping the line.”

The new rules will apply from 1 April. However a cap on the total cost of a payday loan, including additional fees, will not come into force until 2 January, 2015.

Payday lending is a controversial industry. Its sky-high interest rates and punitive extra costs are considered to be legal loan sharking by critics.

It is worth £2bn of the whole consumer credit industry, but has grown quickly since the outbreak of the financial crisis and is expected to get bigger still.


Payday Lending: Church of England Pensions Still Linked to WongaPayday Loan Adverts ‘Must be Banned from Children’s Television’Payday Loan Customers to Halve on Political Attacks and New RegulationBritain to Impose ‘Logical’ Caps for Payday Loans Interest RatesOfcom: Payday Loan Adverts Rocket Over Three YearsMoneysavingexpert’s Martin Lewis Slams ‘Desert of Regulation’ in Payday Lending […]

College Station City Council Joins Bryan in Regulation of Payday …

In Texas, the College Station City Council has adopted regulations that restrict payday lenders. The state currently has no limits on fees or loan sizes from payday or auto title lenders, but jurisdictions across Texas have been pushing for more consumer protections. Major cities such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio have adopted ordinances to tighten control of loans. Most recently, Bryan passed the second reading of restrictions at its Feb. 4 meeting.

In College Station, payday lenders will have to be licensed and certified with the city. The new ordinance also caps credit at 20 percent of a consumer’s gross monthly income. Auto title loans cannot exceed 3 percent of the consumer’s gross annual income, or 70 percent of the retail value of the vehicle. Repayment for lump-sum loans will not be able to be refinanced or renewed more than three times. Proceeds from each refinancing or renewal must repay at least 25 percent of the extension’s principal amount, and each installment for repayment must cover at least 25 percent of the principal. The ordinance is set to take effect in August.

Payday and auto title lenders in College Station issued more than 31,000 loans in 2012, leading to $2.4 million in fees and 269 vehicle repossessions, reports David Brower, community development analyst with College Station. He says there are five payday lending businesses in College Station. The Center for Responsible Lending notes that interest on car title loans often is 20 to 30 times that charged by credit cards.


CS Council Passes Payday Loan Regulations to Protect Residents


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The City of College Station unanimously approved Thursday adding more regulations for quick cash loan companies that charge huge interest rates.

These companies offer short term loans, but can charge as much as 500-percent interest.

The new ordinance sets the maximum loan amount and restricts the number of times a loan can be refinanced.

The ordinance won’t go into effect until late August.

The City of Bryan recently passed a similar resolution.


Minor emergencies pop up from time to time for everybody, but on this particular evening, it’s happened to you. Your car has a flat tire.

To make matters worse, your last emergency left your bank account dry. You also realize that without a car, you’ll have a hard time getting to work and dropping the kids off at daycare in the morning.

And payday is a week away.

Under this scenario, a payday or auto title loan might be the only option for getting the emergency cash you need. This and similar circumstances create problems for many Texas families because the state does not regulate the terms or conditions of loans from credit access businesses.

City council passes ordinance

On Thursday, College Station joined several other Texas cities across the state, including the City of Bryan, when the city council passed an ordinance regulating credit access businesses, better known as payday and auto title lenders. To allow time for these businesses to comply, the ordinance won’t go into effect until late August.

According to the Pew Charitable Trust, Texans pay more than citizens of any other state for access to the same loan products: “The same $500 storefront loan would generally cost about $55 in Florida, $75 in Nebraska, $87.50 in Alabama, and $100 in Texas, even if it was provided by the same national company in all those states.”

One of the main problems for these types of loans is that there is no principal reduction if the loan isn’t paid in full at the end of the short term. High fees are often paid month after month without reducing the loan amount, effectively trapping the borrower in a cycle of debt.

For example, if someone takes out a $500 loan, they’ll owe about $610 dollars two weeks later. If the borrower can’t repay the full amount, they must pay $110 to “refinance” the loan. After two more weeks, if the borrower again can’t repay the full amount, they must pay another $110. The balance never goes down because there are no partial repayments of principal.

The Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner reports that 31,953 payday and auto title loan transactions were made in the College Station-Bryan area in 2012. Local borrowers paid about $2.4 million in fees, and 269 vehicles were repossessed. The average number of refinances was 2.4 times for payday loans and 1.4 times for auto title loans.

What does the ordinance do?

Under the new ordinance, credit access businesses must be licensed and certified by the City of College Station. In addition to client disclosure and record keeping requirements, the ordinance sets the maximum loan amount and restricts the number of times a loan can be refinanced. Here are the ordinance’s key terms:

A credit access business must apply for and receive a certificate of registration from the city.
A credit access business must maintain complete records of all loans made for at least three years and make the records available to the city for inspection upon request.
The amount of a payday loan may not exceed 20 percent of the borrower’s gross monthly income.
The amount of an auto title loan may not exceed the lesser of 3 percent of the borrower’s gross annual income or 70 percent of the retail value of the motor vehicle.
Any loan from a credit access business that provides for repayment in installments may not be payable in more than four installments, and the proceeds from each installment must be used to repay at least 25 percent of the principal. No renewals or refinancing of installment-payment loans are permitted.
Any loan from a credit access business that provides for a single lump sum repayment may not be refinanced or renewed more than three times, and the proceeds from each refinancing or renewal must be used to repay at least 25 percent of the principal. Any loan made to a consumer within seven days of a previous loan being paid by the consumer constitutes a refinancing or renewal.
The city will continue to partner with local financial groups and nonprofit organizations to improve financial literacy and independence. For more information about local financial education and empowerment resources, dial 211 for 2-1-1 Texas.


Money talks: Payday loans, first-time buyers and tenants | Money …

Image A-sign-for-payday-loans-011.jpg

There has been a huge jump in the number of people seeking advice for problems with payday loans. Photograph: Mark Richardson/Alamy

There’s been a huge jump in the number of people seeking advice for problems with payday loans, according to the charity StepChange. It helped clients struggling under the weight of £110m worth of this kind of debt in 2013, up from £60m the previous year. The charity says the regulator’s plans for tougher controls on short-term lenders charging APRs of 5,000% or so do not go far enough, and wants it to launch stricter caps. The industry is also in the sights of the Church of England, and at the weekend we learned more about its plans to compete Wonga and the like out of existence.

First-time buyers are the losers from changes in the housing market which began back in the 1980s with changes to the way people rented, argues Patrick Collinson. The result is a “structural shift”, which has seen levels of home ownership fall to the lowest level in 25 years, and the private rentals overtake social renting for the first time since records began. In the private rented sector, tenants are seeing rents on newly let properties rise – and those in London are reportedly paying twice as much as the national average. Meanwhile, the battle for what little social housing remains is intensifying as councils get tough on housing lists.

Banks and building societies are simplifying accounts, meaning changes for customers to get their heads round. On Wednesday, Nationwide said it was overhauling its saving range – ditching some of its best-known accounts and launching three new ones, without introductory bonuses. RBS, which had already slimmed down its range, has now announced it will not return to better rates for online deals, or new customers, and will also scrap 0% balance transfers on credit cards. Unfortunately while simplicity is a good thing for consumers it is, sadly, unlikely to mean better rates – even in what is supposedly the Isa season.

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Surreal estate


Not so much odd, as out of this world, this Majorcan villa was designed by renowned Uruguayan architect, Alberto Rubio, famed for his curved gull-like roofs and wide open-plan living spaces. On the market at just over £6m, the villa has amazing views across the Mediterranean and comes with extensive gardens, terraces, swimming pool and a separate guest/staff apartment.

Send your strange property spots to

Real deals

Nationwide has launched a limited time, low fee balance transfer credit card offer. The deal offers 0% for 26 months with a 0.75% fee (minimum £5) and available until 31 March.

Tesco Clubcard credit card is offering 0% on purchases for 18 months plus Clubcard points wherever you shop.

That’s all this week.

Hilary Osborne, editor

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Cash Store Financial Provides Ontario Update – Cash Store Financial Engages Chief Compliance and Regulatory Affairs …

EDMONTON , Feb. 27, 2014 /CNW/ – The Cash Store Financial Inc. (“Cash Store Financial” or the “Company”) (TSX: CSF: NYSE: CSFS) today announces that it has created the position of Chief Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Officer (the “CCRO”). The CCRO reports directly to the special committee of independent directors (the “Special Committee”), which was appointed to review and respond to regulatory developments in Ontario and to evaluate strategic alternatives.

Cash Store Financial is pleased to announce that it has engaged Michele McCarthy to act as CCRO and to fulfill the mandate described below. Ms. McCarthy is an experienced senior executive with experience in numerous roles with global financial services companies. She has previously had mandates which included Chief Legal Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, and Chair of the Board of Directors at significant public and private corporations.

The mandate of the CCRO will include the following responsibilities:

Ensure that the Company and its affiliates (collectively, the “Cash Store Group”) are in compliance with all federal and provincial legislation, regulations and regulatory directives (the “Governing Legislation”); Ensure that all documents used in the business of the Cash Store Group are compliant with Governing Legislation; Develop procedures to identify, assess and communicate internally any changes or proposed changes to Governing Legislation; Foster a constructive relationship between the Cash Store Group and its regulators; and Oversee and assist business units within the Cash Store Group in the resolution of compliance issues.

Cash Store Financial further announces that it is engaging in ongoing discussions with its Ontario regulator in an effort to address the regulator’s concerns regarding the issuance of a lender loan license to the Company and its subsidiaries under the Payday Loans Act, 2008. Ms. McCarthy will lead these discussions in her role as CCRO while the Special Committee continues its review of strategic alternatives.

About Cash Store Financial

Cash Store Financial is the only lender and broker of short-term advances and provider of other financial services in Canada that is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CSF.TO). Cash Store Financial also trades on the New York Stock Exchange (CSFS). Cash Store Financial operates 510 branches across Canada under the banners “Cash Store Financial” and “Instaloans”. Cash Store Financial also operates 27 branches in the United Kingdom .

Cash Store Financial and Instaloans primarily act as lenders and brokers to facilitate short-term advances and provide other financial services to income-earning consumers who may not be able to obtain them from traditional banks. Cash Store Financial also provides a private-label debit card (the “Freedom” card) and a prepaid credit card (the “Freedom MasterCard”) as well as other financial services, including bank accounts.

Cash Store Financial employs approximately 1,900 associates and is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta .

Cash Store Financial is a Canadian corporation that is not affiliated with Cottonwood Financial Ltd. or the outlets Cottonwood Financial Ltd. operates in the United States under the name “Cash Store”. Cash Store Financial does not do business under the name “Cash Store” in the United States and does not own or provide any consumer lending services in the United States .

Forward-Looking Information
This news release contains “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation and “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of United States federal securities legislation, which we refer to herein, collectively, as “forward-looking information”. Generally, forward-looking information can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “estimates”, “plans”, “expects”, or “does not expect”, “is expected”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates”, or “does not anticipate”, or “believes” or variations of such words and phrases or state that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might”, or “will be taken”, “occur”, or “be achieved”. Forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements of Cash Store Financial, to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information, including, but not limited to, changes in economic and political conditions, legislative or regulatory developments, technological developments, third-party arrangements, competition, litigation, risks associated with but not limited to, market conditions, and other factors described under the heading “Risk Factors” in our Annual MD&A, which is on file with Canadian provincial securities regulatory authorities, and in our Annual Report on Form 20-F filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. There can be no assurance that such information will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such information. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. We do not undertake to update any forward-looking information, except in accordance with applicable securities laws.

SOURCE The Cash Store Financial Services Inc.

FinanceInvestment & Company Information Contact:

For further information, please contact:

Gordon Reykdal, CEO, at 780-408-5118, or
Peter Block, NATIONAL Public Relations, 416-848-1431


Goldman Cautious on Leveraged Loan Flows


For a while now, it has seemed as though exchange traded funds holding senior bank loans have among the toasts of the town in the bond ETF universe.

Not only do ETFs such as the PowerShares Senior Loan Portfolio (BKLN) offer high yields, but these funds also feature diminished interest rate risk because bank loans act like floating rate notes to an extent because the rates on the loans are reset every month or two months. [Bank Loan ETFs Continue to Thrive]

Despite the advantages of bank loan ETFs, not all market observers are convinced go-go days for these funds will last forever.

“I would just caution those that are involved in the loan space to be mindful of the fact that they’ve been beneficiaries of inflows for 88 straight weeks and the tide can turn,” said Justin Gmelich, the head of credit trading at Goldman Sachs Group, in a video on Goldman’s web site.

Bank loans have “seen unprecedented demand with the funds that purchase the debt receiving deposits every single week since the summer of 2012. That enabled speculative-grade companies to raise $676 billion last year of bank debt, with more than 80 percent of that used to escape maturing debt deadlines,” writes Sridhar Natarajan for Bloomberg.

Indeed, investors have warmed to bank loan ETFs in noticeable fashion. PowerShares tracks flows data for its ETF over 12 months, year-to-date, the past 90 days, 30 days and week. Over each of those time frames, BKLN ranks as the second-best PowerShares ETF in terms of inflows. The fund now has $7 billion in assets under management, $4.6 billion of which has come into the ETF in the past year.

A pair of actively managed rivals to BKLN debuted last year, each quickly gaining assets. The SPDR Blackstone/GSO Senior Loan ETF (SRLN) is just 11 months old and already has $616.5 million in assets. First Trust Senior Loan Fund (FTSL) debuted in early May 2013 and has nearly $164 million in assets. [New ETFs Off to Fast Starts]

Some investors have questioned the liquidity of the bank loan market. Others have warned that the trading rate risk for higher credit risk is not worth it because bank loans would be vulnerable in the event of a U.S. recession.

That has not stopped cash from pouring into these funds. Retail inflow to loan mutual funds for 2014 was $4.6 billion as of Feb. 20, Bloomberg reported, citing Bank of America.

PowerShares Senior Loan Portfolio


ETF Trends editorial team contributed to this post.

The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come to pass. Information on this site should not be used or construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for any product.

ETFsLoansbank loansGoldman Sachs Group […]

Payday loans customers seeking debt advice almost double in …

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Payday lenders such as the Money Shop and Wonga offer loans of between £100 and £1,000 arranged over days or weeks. Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian

The number of people with payday loans seeking debt advice from the charity StepChange leapt by 82% in 2013 compared with the year before.

The charity said that 66,557 people struggling with high-cost, short-term loans totalling £110m sought help in 2013, against 36,413 with a combined debt of £60m in 2012.

The figures have prompted renewed calls for tougher reform of the payday loan sector when the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) takes charge of regulating it in April. The FCA has already said it will limit the number of times a loan can be extended, and the government has also tasked it with setting a cap on the amount lenders can charge.

According to StepChange, people seeking advice in 2013 held an average of three payday loans, but around 13,800 had five or more. The average debtwas £1,647, signifcantly more than the average client’s monthly income of £1,381.

The charity said it continued to see numerous cases in which debts were inflated through the application of interest and charges. In one case, it helped a man whose original £200 debt grew to £1,851 in just three months.

“The widespread harm and misery caused by payday loans continue unabated,” said Mike O’Connor, StepChange’s chief executive. “We hope the FCA’s proposals will address some of the areas of consumer detriment, but on issues such as affordability checking, rollover and repeat borrowing, there is an urgent need for even more radical reform.”

The charity is calling for real-time credit checks, a limit on rollovers so that loans can only be extended once instead of twice as the FCA has announced, and the introduction of a debt-escalation cap that would limit the amount of charges and interest that can be applied to a loan that is in default.

Analysis of StepChange’s payday loan clients last year showed that 62% also had overdraft debt, 60% had credit card debts, 45% personal loan debt, 39% catalogue debt and 18% home credit debts.

Payday lenders such as Wonga and the Money Shop offer loans of between £100 and £1,000 arranged over days or weeks, and argue that because borrowing is designed to be short-term the costs involved are no higher than charges applied by mainstream lenders.


Cash-strapped council could give £5.8m loan to turn empty buildings into new hotel

Cash-strapped Middlesbrough Council could give £5.8m loan to turn empty buildings into new hotel

Ray Mallon looking out onto Centre Square, Middlesbrough from the rooftop gallery of Mima art gallery with the Cleveland Centre on the far left of the picture

A CASH-strapped council is poised to hand over a loan of almost £6m to create a new hotel in a last ditch attempt to bring empty town centre buildings back to life.

A Holiday Inn Express with 138 bedrooms is earmarked for the Cleveland Centre in Middlesbrough with views over Mima art gallery and the historic central library.

The town centre is already served by two hotels, the Thistle on Fry Street and a Travel Lodge at Cannon Park.

To ensure the redevelopment at Cook and Endeavour House on Albert Road goes ahead – buildings which have been predominantly vacant for 20 years – Middlesbrough Council is acting as a bank by giving a secured commercial loan over eight years.

At its executive meeting on Tuesday members will be asked to follow the officers’ recommendations and approve the £5.8m loan to developers Ashall Projects Limited for the new hotel, which is expected to cost £12m to build and employ 100 staff.

Financial cuts totalling £85m will need to be made in Middlesbrough over the next five years, it has been estimated.

The town’s elected mayor Ray Mallon has also confirmed the loss of 300 council jobs this year, while another 300 will be transferred to other organisations contracted to carry out some council services.

A report prepared for Mr Mallon and his executive to consider next week stated: “In these times of significant budget cuts imposed on the council, investing such a significant amount of money into such a scheme would be a significant undertaking.

“However, it is clear that there is unlikely to be alternative resources available for the re-use of these buildings from either the private sector or Government-based regeneration funds.

“The proposal would appear to be the only feasible way by which these buildings will be brought back into use.”

It is just one of a series of major initiatives to be considered at the meeting.

Other proposals include the permanent closure of Southfield Road for the next phase of Teesside University’s campus and the management transfer of Mima art gallery to the university.

Mr Mallon said: “In challenging economic times, this council has been forced to transform the services it is able to deliver and the way it delivers them, and the impact of those cuts is hitting every part of the town.

“That is why it is more important than ever that we continue to invest in the sort of initiatives that will ensure Middlesbrough has a secure and prosperous future.”

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