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ASA bans Cash Converters advert

An ad for payday lender and high street pawnbroker Cash Converters has been banned for encouraging “frivolous” spending on summer holidays, barbeques and entertaining children.

The direct mailing said: “Summer time and the living is easy. We wish it was – summer holidays, kids to entertain, new BBQ to buy, the list never ends! At Cash Converters we are here to help.

“We have all sorts of ways of raising that bit of extra money that could go a long way towards helping you out, and who knows, maybe even go towards a ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hat for the beach!”

One recipient complained that the ad was irresponsible because the references to summer holidays, “kids to entertain”, a barbeque and hat encouraged frivolous spending.

Cash Converters said the mailing included a risk warning, adding that it would not lend money to someone who did not have the ability to pay it back.

It said its customers did not always have access to other areas of mainstream credit and that summer holidays could be an expensive time, particularly if unexpected bills arose.

Upholding the complaint, the ASA said any loan or advance should be taken only after careful consideration and that marketers should take care to advertise those products responsibly.

It said: “We considered that summer holidays, entertaining the children, buying a new barbeque and a ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hat for the beach were all purchases that were unlikely to be considered essential purchases, and that the references to them suggested that taking out a loan or other type of cash advance for them was something that could be approached lightly.

“We considered that, by suggesting that loans or other types of cash advance could be used to fund non-essential purchases, the ad encouraged frivolous spending.”

It ruled that the ad must not appear again in its current form, adding: “We told Cash Converters to ensure that their future advertising was prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society.”

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