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GAO: "USA is living beyond its means"

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A wake up call to all Americans from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) – (formerly the “General Accounting Office”). (since its over 10 min, i had to remove a few scenes in start to upload it) Also do read this from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, July 2006, 88(4), pp. 235-49: “Is the United States Bankrupt?” “This paper explores these views from both partial and general equilibrium perspectives. It concludes that countries can go broke, that the United States is going broke….” – How can the US go bankrupt, when it can just print new money (US Dollars) at no cost? You cant, you just dont want people to watch the money supply too close then, which is why FED stopped showing the M3 money supply in 2006: – but the huge supply of newly printed US dollars will decrease its value. Ask yourself if the US dollar has fallen in value against other currencies lately eg the Euro, British Pound, Canadian dollar? or if gold or oil cost more in USD lately? – In God you trust……but the FED? Only one honest US politician will tell you whats really going on, Ron Paul. Not only does Ron Paul question the FED, he also want to shut down the IRS – if you wonder why, watch this almost 2 hour long video, and I am quite sure you can understand. If you think this movie shown here is scary, you havent seen anything yet: Forum: […]