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Money Talks: payday loans, Wonga ad banned and how to become …

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Money Talks – a roundup of the week’s biggest stories and some things you may have missed.

Money news

Wonga’s ad breached the ASA code. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA Payday loans shaken up by competition regulator British homebuyers at back of queue for local flats Wonga ad banned for not mentioning 5,853% interest rate Mortgage price war expected as lenders fight for market share More employees ‘taking time off to care for relatives’ UK house prices expected to fall by 0.8% in 2015 Flat in London goes on sale for (just) less than £100,000


Even a humble cup of tea made from a teabag has years of tasting experience behind it. Photograph: Alamy

How do I become … a tea taster

Consumer champions

Camelot now says it will refund reader’s charges. Photograph: Alamy Camelot hit the jackpot when it debited my account several times Why is First Utility sitting on my energy bill refund? Elderly mother needs protecting from Boilershield’s cold calls

In pictures

The Guardian’s UK headquarters at Kings Place, in north London. Photograph: BCO

UK’s best offices revealed – and no table football in sight

In the spotlight

Workers in their 50s are being warned that they are the primary target for pensions scammers. Photograph: Cultura RM / Alamy/Alamy

Beware the crooks who want to get their hands on your pension pot – one in eight employees aged 50 or over has been the target of fraudsters promising to release their pension savings

Work advice

Career cares? Work woes? Out of love with the office? Our expert is on hand to help. Put your questions to Jeremy, and help other readers with their worries.

Money deals

Is your current energy deal coming to an end? Don’t end up on the standard tariff. You can switch quickly and easily with the Guardian Energy Comparison Service. Compare dual fuel and separate gas and electricity deals so you’re sure you’re getting the right price for you.
Get up to 3% interest on balances up to £20,000 and up to 3% cashback on your household bills with the Santander 123 current account. Just fund the account with £500 a month and set up at least two direct debits to qualify. There is a £2 a month fee. […]

Be Aware of Payday Loan Scams

Image hqdefault.jpg If you ever found yourself in times of financial need, a payday loan might be right for you. Beware of any scams, though. This video will cover a good sign of a payday loan scam that you can be aware of. […]

Bad Credit Payday Loans Online or Cash Advance Loan

Lenders or online lenders exist willing to lend you the cash you need without running you through the credit check rigmarole. Many

borrowers nowadays have bad credit but many lenders have seen the need in this market to lend funds to folks with poor credit


Because of the number of lenders, you will be able to pick and choose to find the best interest rates and the most comfortable

repayment terms. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Never deal with a lender who says he or she is doing you a favor by giving you a

loan. You are doing them a favor by giving them your business.

Interest on Payday Loans Online or cash advance loans can vary widely from lender to lender. You may find lenders that will offer

discounts to first-timers. Lenders may even offer discounts to repeat customers. Beware of lenders who ask for upfront or processing

fees before they grant a loan. These lenders are fraudulent and should be reported. Any fees incurred for a loan should be included in

the loan and therefore the loan payments.

Understand that bad credit Payday Loans Online or cash advance loans employ somewhat of a risk to the lender. They have no real

proof you will pay and they have no collateral to back up the loan amount. Therefore you must pay higher interest rates to cover

that risk. Also, be careful to scrutinize the fine print. You may find fees in there that were not really discussed but that you will be

obligated to pay once you sign on the dotted line.