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Christmas Grinch: Payday Loan a Mean Holiday Trap – Finance …

The biggest shopping season of the year is in full swing and many consumers are entering the holidays strapped for cash.

Some consumers will max out their credit cards and others may be considering taking out a payday loan.

Payday loans, and car title loans are quick ways to get money without the hassle of a credit check. But these popular loans are trapping many Americans in a crushing cycle of debt.

What can churches do to help? The National Association of Evangelicals recently called for an investigation in predatory lending abuses. CBN News spoke with the NAE’s Galen Carey about how the issue. Click play to watch.


Mahuaa TV raised Rs 1,724 crore in loans through deception

Mahuaa TV raised Rs 1,724 crore in loans through deception – The Times of India

Investigations into how Bhojpuri channel Mahuaa TV — one of the biggest bank loan defaulters — raised hundreds of crores from PSU banks reveal that almost everyone seemed to have dipped into the cash pot of India’s banks, or at the least, feigned willful ignorance as every norm was broken.


Over a million plan to take out payday loans for Christmas – News …

Jane Symonds said: “We would always suggest that there are cheaper ways of borrowing and more financially controlled ways of approaching Christmas.“Think twice before using a payday lender and then think again” is her advice.She also explained how to avoid a payday lender trap.“The biggest reason for overspending is pressure to please other people and loved ones. But Christmas is not all about buying expensive gifts.”According to research, 1 in 10 people are still paying for last year and “that is a trap that should be avoided”, says Jane Symonds.Watchdog cracks down on payday loans adverts

Desperate families use payday loans for food – charity

Archbishop Welby sees red over Wonga’s sins

(Voice of Russia)


11 Advantages To Payday Loans You Might Now Know

Image payday-loan-310x200.jpg

In trying to get additional information about payday loans, I wanted to make sure that I got both sides of the story. So I wanted to search out the potential benefits and advantages of a payday loan and found some really good information from I was pretty surprised as it appears that the biggest factor I didn’t know about was the ease of qualifying for a payday loan.

Based on that and the other information I found in this ebook, I believe that in the right circumstance, a payday loan could be very valuable to someone. Most likely if a very unexpected emergency comes up and you have nowhere else to turn, a cash advance could be just the thing.


Weekly Leveraged Finance Volume Tops $21B As Loan Market Dominates


Syndicated loans continue to drive the leveraged finance market, with high yield bond activity tepid for another week (while yields in that market rest near historical lows).

That loans comprise most of the action during the week is not surprising considering that loan mutual funds saw yet another $1.15 billion of investor cash inflows. That’s the second-highest weekly total ever, after the $1.28 billion inflow a few weeks ago.

The biggest deal of the week: a $1.4 billion loan for Leap Wireless. The credit will refinance notes.

Year-to-date leveraged finance volume now stands at $217 billion.

Leveraged finance volume = leveraged loan + high yield bond issuance. Because of the fluid nature of loan syndications, numbers from previous weeks will be updated from week to week.