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#Top Payday Loans in Wise apply by phone | Online Payday Loans

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Wise Payday Loans Up To $1000 Now! – Wise how does a payday loan work Faxless!, 3 Basic steps in sixty minutes For Get Wise payday loan companies online. Require up to $1,000 Advance loan in 1 Hour. Wise payday loans in Apply today! No Credit check needed. Father Wise easy payday loans no credit check Payday loans online.

Wise no verification payday loans

– Wise fast payday loans no credit assessment.
– Wise no chequing account payday cash advances.
– Wise no check payday cash advances.
– Wise no telecheck payday loans.
– Wise no employment verification payday advance.

Payday Loans Apply Now!!!

Payday advances Wise in 2 Simple actions.

Complete the proper execution Wise cash advances payday loans apply online to get linked with dozens of lenders!

Wise Obtain a Loan!

For anyone who is dealing with an economic dilemma and wish supplemental income, enable Wise connect a person with lenders exactly who might possibly assist you to. These refinancing options are flexible. Regardless of whether you are likely to use that money to repay bills, or acquire groceries, Wise 24 hour payday loan that’s your choice.

– Cash deposited inside your bank account when the next working day
– Speedy & Simple
– Safe & Secure Process
– Sign-up online

Wise Many of us face financial emergencies eventually. Unfortunately, they happen. Payday Loans Cash advances will let you repay what you owe on time and steer clear of extra fees. Fill in the no-obligation form to find out if the loan is right for you.

Cash advance loans: Simply no Credit assessment Absolutely no Bother Loans

Payday advances are classified as the fastest and a lot convenient option getting a money advance for emergencies before the following payday. However getting payday cash advances and their repayments involve certain important aspects. Wise Herein were attempting to answer your entire general queries associated with Payday loans and we hope it’s going to be the tool to open up any mystery surrounding payday loans or advance loan.

Just what Pay day loan Or Payday loan?

We daily encounter many loan types like housing loan, personal bank loan, and education loan. However, the payday loans undoubtedly are a new buzz available in the market, which is very popular. This loan may be known by many names like “Cash Advance”, “Paycheck loan”, Wise “Check loans”, and “Payday cash loans”. Why don’t we know very well what is really a cash advance or payday loan and exactly how then when it should be useful for your maximum advantage. Pay day loans are unsecured loans, and this can be useful for meeting your emergency financial needs and is also repaid through your next paycheck in your payday. Thus, payday advances will be the shortest tenure loans one of several other loans available in the market.

What are the limitations on pay day loan or cash advance loan usage?

Many a times we face a predicament whenever we need money badly but seem like our hands are tied as our payday remains to be several days away. In this scenario, we either need to shelve or defer our plan of purchasing something or get a heavy interest credit-based card loan to meet the obligation. Wise Your need could be to pay unexpected medical bills, your kid’s school fee, avoiding bouncing of your issued checks or any other liability. Such trying times, payday advances or even a cash loan is useful. Thus, you can use this cash advance for whatever purpose. There is absolutely no restriction on the entry to payday loans.

Am I permitted be given a payday advance or payday loan?

An important feature about cash advance loans is that they might be had regardless of whether your credit rating is just not excellent. The other good thing about payday loans is always that choosing a money advance has no effect on your credit history. Wise Everything you need to qualify to obtain the pay day loans would be to have a running chequing account and also a regular job.

How do i need to get a payday cash advance?

To try to get the payday cash advances, we might say it can be simpler to perform than to say. You can submit an application for pay day loans online using Internet. You could be instructed to supply some fundamental information including your reputation, Wise Address, as well as your employer details. Some companies offering payday advances may obtain your Bank Statement or pay stub over fax. The documents necessary for these lenders for payday loans are minimum compared to other types of loans.

Is there a fee charged for payday advances?

Before you apply for cash advance loans, we claim that you scan 5-6 companies to the fees they may be charging. Some companies offer payday cash advances with virtually no fee to the first week.

The amount of money can one get that has a payday cash advance?

The volume of cash advance loans ranges from $100 to $1000 dependant on the repaying capacity in the borrower.

It is possible to time cash advance loans?

Normally a advance should be refunded on or before your coming payday. Wise Therefore, the most time cash advance may be approximately 30 days. However, some companies are flexible with regards to the loan duration at the same time. Payday loans is usually extended before next payday. This extension of payday advances however comes at a price.

The time should it fancy get yourself a payday cash advance?

Payday cash advances tend to be much better to get and less time than other loans. After getting a cash payday loan online, you’ll receive a mobile call from your payday lender. After completing your little friend formalities, the amount of money advance will probably be deposited into your savings account your next business day.

Performs this mean I could enjoy my pay without waiting for my payday?

Prior to jump for any payday cash advance, please note which the interest charged for cash advance loans are above other loans. Extending the duration of payment will simply enhance the fees charged. Wise The payday loans or cash advance loan must be used very prudently and only for meeting financial exigencies that cannot be avoided. Please remember that getting a cash advance or cash advance loan too often could upset your monthly budget and you will find it difficult to move out.

Payday Loans Apply Now!!!


Www Payday Loans in New Lebanon Ohio apply | Online Payday …

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New Lebanon Ohio Payday advances Approximately $1000 Today! – New Lebanon Ohio online loans that are not payday loans Faxless!, 3 Simple measures in 60 minutes For Get New Lebanon Ohio online cash advances. Need to have as much as $1,000 Money advance in sixty minutes. New Lebanon Ohio small payday loan Apply online now! No Credit check required. Father New Lebanon Ohio online payday lenders Online Payday Loans.

New Lebanon Ohio payday online loans

– New Lebanon Ohio fast payday advances no credit check required.
– New Lebanon Ohio no bank account payday advances.
– New Lebanon Ohio no verification payday cash advances.
– New Lebanon Ohio no telecheck payday advances.
– New Lebanon Ohio no employment verification payday advance.

Payday Loans Apply Now!!!

Payday cash advances New Lebanon Ohio in 2 Simple steps.

Complete the design New Lebanon Ohio bad credit payday loans online cash up $1000 to acquire linked to a large number of lenders!

Get Related
Using a Lender Fast & Easy:

New Lebanon Ohio Payday Loans Referrals Without Plenty of Paperwork.

Welcome to New Lebanon Ohio. Our payday advance matching service helps individuals who are short on cash and wish help covering expenses. New Lebanon Ohio The net form is straightforward to fill in. Should you be approved by a lender, your cash cash advance is quickly and securely deposited into your family savings as early as the next working day, so that you can repay what you owe and acquire lets start work on the job of living New Lebanon Ohio quick cash loan.

How to Use Pay day loans to obtain Via a Personal Parking brake

New Lebanon Ohio payday loans in chicago

Payday loans are short term payday advances on your wage. These are loans that are designed to be borrowed to get a short time only. Most borrowers really need the money for a couple of weeks, until they receive their regular wage. This short article offers some advice on the way to employ this way of credit that will help you for unexpected expenses if you have use up all your cash.

Payday advances really are a formal credit facility which is delivered by a private lender. Private lenders who offer Cash advance loans should have hidden licences. You can even examine your lender is registered and licenced by checking the website. Should you be unsure, you possibly can ask the financial institution for details of their credentials.

New Lebanon Ohio Thoughts is broken very happy with the provider you’ve selected, it is best to invest some time reading around the loans they give. Read the stipulations with the loan and ensure you know your rights and responsibilities because borrower. Fundamental essentials things you as the borrower, are investing in. Your rights as the borrower consider what exactly your lender is going to do in your case.

Because borrower, whenever you accept to the loan and sign the loan agreement, you happen to be promising to repay the lender the entire Price of Credit within the agreed repayment date. That you are also agreeing to agree to the lender’s conditions that will include any additional fees in case you are struggling to make your repayment around the set date. Your lender is invested in offering you the finance, with interest, for that agreed stretch of time. They are going to maintain information safe and protect your privacy like a valued customer.

New Lebanon Ohio fast payday loans online In the event you successfully repay the loan as agreed, there won’t be any issue, and you will be competent to carry on with day by day life and finances as normal. If however, you are not able to honour your credit agreement, you might incur additional fines or fees. If you think you’ll not be able to repay the loan, you need to get hold of your lender with the earliest to discuss your options and arrange when you’re able to result in the payment.

New Lebanon Ohio To have the very best from your Pay day loan, you must calculate how much you can repay all things considered your other monthly expenses are covered. This ‘disposable’ income is whatever you can comfortably use to credit. By calculating the Total Expense of Credit, you’ll be aware precisely the amount within your budget to borrow.

The most important thing to try and do is take your time, consider your alternatives, and do not rush in any form of credit. In case you come across a lender who attemptedto sell a loan or harasses you, they’ll likely really should be avoided. Lenders will most likely always treat you with respect and courtesy. The top lenders will answer questions and do all they could to work with you. This tends to include helping you with all the application form or going over the terms and conditions with you.

It should be said however, that the majority of applicants complete the proper execution on the internet submit it them selves. And quite a few lenders can easily successfully borrow the funds they want, so repay the borrowed funds, and never having to contact the bank directly. But when you are dealing with a trusted and reputable lender, an opportunity is always there for you if you need it.

New Lebanon Ohio payday loan store locations Payday advances do not take on long you’re. You simply need a matter of minutes to finish the approval. However the process is easy and quick, lenders go very seriously. The application will likely be processed carefully as well as the information stored securely, even as it would be with a bank or other traditional bank.

If you need a cash payday loan, choose your lender carefully and then complete the applying accurately. Figure out what you can afford to gain access to and then make sure you will be making the repayment on the agreed date. If you undertake this, it is possible to obtain the absolute best at a Pay day loan and use this form of credit that will help you as it’s needed most.

Payday Loans Apply Now!!!


Cash Out Refinance Mortgage Loan Help Available On

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Blue Loan Services is a full service mortgage company that has been helping residents of California to find the best loan products and home loan rates for many years. The company, headed by the father and son team Robert and Brandon Blue, has been dedicated to serving its customers with honesty, integrity and competence. The Blue Loan Services team of mortgage professionals operates with the goal to provide home loans to its clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. Now, as rates are rising at ever increasing speeds, many homeowners are considering refinancing their mortgages before rates become too unfavorable. However, a lot of borrowers do not know where they can find the best cash out refinance loan advice and assistance. For these people, Blue Loan Services can be the answer.


The company has years of experience when it comes to helping borrowers to refinance their mortgages. Cash out loans are one of the Blue Loan Services team’s many specialties, and the easy application and fast loan processing times of the company can help home loan borrowers to get the best deals even as interest rates continue to rise. The Blue Loan Services company website says:

“A home refinance loan can not only improve your current rate and terms, but can give you a chance to change the type of loan you are in, increasing your loan payoff time. Refinancing your home loan enables you to replace your existing home loan with a new home loan with better terms while giving you the opportunity to get cash back from the equity you have built in your home. Using the equity in your home is a powerful tool that can help you improve your overall financial well being and pay off high interest loans, debts, and credit cards.”

The website outlines some of the benefits of refinancing as:

• Lowering the home loan rate
• Decreasing payoff time
• Getting cash out
• Consolidating debt
• Paying off credit cards
• Using the equity for college tuition, home improvement or medical expenses

Many California homeowners have already benefited from Blue Loan Services in this regard – a recent Blue Loan Services review from a Rancho Palos Verdes couple who recently closed a home equity loan with the company says: “We’ve bought and sold many houses, so financing and refinancing are not new to us. We spoke with several lenders and brokers, but Brandon Blue was the only one who figured out a way for us to refinance in a way that made sense and saved us a whole lot of money. He was reliable, trustworthy, and calm, and we’d love to work with him again.”

For more information on how Blue Loan Services can help home loan borrowers get approved for their home purchase loan or refinance quickly, please visit or call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced mortgage professional.

CA Dept of Real Estate — Licensed Broker #01094374 NMLS #938365

Media Contact: Brandon Blue, Blue Loan Services, 1-888-929-BLUE (2583),

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach:


Paisley Daily Express news: Son nicked two family TVs for cash

Son nicked two family TVs for cash

A cash-strapped thief pinched his mum and grandad’s TVs so he could pawn them.

Peter McNaughton, 34, took the two tellys from his mother’s house when she had taken his grandfather to England to help settle him in a care home.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard McNaughton was in a financial fix and resorted to theft to get some cash.

He “saw it as a loan” and was hoping to have the TVs back in place before his mother returned home by using his state benefits to re-claim them.

But an aunt who was looking after the house raised the alarm when she discovered the TVs were missing.

She discovered they had been taken to a Paisley town centre pawn shop and McNaughton was identified as the person who handed them in.

The court was told that he had been paid £100 for one of the units and £50 for the other.

And, when he was quizzed about it, he still had the receipts.

As soon as he was rumbled, he got the TVs back and repaid the cash he had been given.

McNaughton, of Waulkmill Avenue, Barrhead, admitted carrying out the theft between May 8 and 12.

His defence agent Manus Tolland said that his client was deeply ashamed of his conduct.

Mr Tolland said: “He had cash troubles at the time and fully intended to buy them back. He thought about it more or less as a loan.

“He feels very bad about it now.”

“It is at the lower end of the scale as a theft and possibly at the higher end of the scale in terms of stupidity.

“It was his intention to get them back and return them to the property. He regrets his actions.”

Sheriff Susan Sinclair fined McNaughton £160.


Pawnshop exec took gold bars from vault

By Elena Chong, Court Correspondent
The Straits Times
Sunday, Jan 06, 2013

SINGAPORE – A pawnshop employee who helped himself to about $465,000 worth of gold bars, jewellery and cash was sentenced to five years’ jail on Thursday.

Customer service executive Desmond Kee Chia How, 27, owed money to a loan shark and was looking for a way to pay.

During a shift at Maxi-Cash Ventures in Yishun on July 2 last year, he went into the vault and took five gold bars worth a total of $314,700 from a safe.

Two days later, he helped himself to $41,186 of jewellery and watches. The father of two also misappropriated $108,737 that a customer had paid him in order to redeem her pawned jewellery.

He sold the bars to two gold dealers for $308,000, the court heard. He gave this money to the loan shark – known only as Ah Di – at a carpark opposite VivoCity.

The following day, he also handed over the jewellery, watches and cash.

He pleaded guilty to one count of criminal breach of trust as a servant and two money laundering charges relating to the cash and goods that he gave the loan shark.

No restitution has been made.


Payday lender hounded suicidal dad for repayments as he recovered in hospital… and clawed back cash three times in …


Payday lender hounded suicidal dad for repayments as he recovered in hospital… and clawed back cash three times in just one day

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 21:08 EST, 22 December 2012 | UPDATED: 21:08 EST, 22 December 2012

A payday loan centre plagued a struggling dad for repayments as he recuperated in hospital from a suicide attempt over his debts.

Staff at the Cheque Centre chased the dad-of-two on his mobile phone about four times even though his distressed wife had already told them he had taken an overdose.

They then clawed money from the man’s bank account three times in just one day despite telling his wife they would put repayments on hold.

Staff at the Cheque Centre, pictured, hounded a suicidal father for repayments as he recovered in hospital

According to the Sunday Mirror, the Cheque Centre swiped just 5 in one transaction in a bid to reclaim a 200 loan.

A friend of the family said of the man’s wife: ‘She was very angry. She couldn’t believe they were taking money out of the account after she had explained the situation.

‘She was also furious when they called her husband’s mobile in hospital. They called about four times and eventually got through, telling him he needed to come in and pay his debt.’


Edwardian Wonga: Adverts from 1912 show loan sharks were offering the equivalent of 450,000 in the run up to Christmas Lend-to-save at a ‘watershed moment’ as the industry is set to be regulated – but it’s unlikely to get savings-style protection Osborne to raid pensions of the wealthy and ‘raise stamp duty’… but he’s already battling with Lib Dems over welfare payments freeze

The dad took our his first payday loan for 100 with 25 interest. He repaid it and a second loan for 125 on time. However, his worried wife called the centre after he took an overdose just days after he took out a third loan.

The Cheque Centre took around 50 from the man’s account. The debt included a 30 surcharge.

It is thought he was struggling with repayments of other loans taken out elsewhere.

The company later provided a repayment plan and the outstanding debt was settled.

A senior manager at the Cheque Centre said the firm will investigate the matter.

There are systems and processes in place to ensure its customers are treated fairly, the manager added.

The Office of Fair Trading recently revealed how some payday lenders dip into customers’ bank accounts without permission if they do not keep up with repayments

Labour MP Stella Creasy said: ‘It shows how out of control these companies are and the damage they are doing in their quest for profits from hard-pressed families. Further rises in the cost of living next year will mean more people seeking credit.’

Astronomical interest rates on payday loans may now be capped to stop borrowers falling into mounting debt.

The annual rates given by controversial firms that offer short-term, instant loans can be as high as 16,000 per centre. Those loans may now be banned.

The level of the cap will be decided by the new Financial Conduct Authority and apply to all payday lenders.

A damning report by the Office of Fair Trading recently revealed how some payday lenders dip into customers’ bank accounts without asking if they failed to make their repayments.

The OFT is currently investigating 20 payday lenders which it believes are breaking rules.

There has been an 800?per cent increase in complaints about such companies over the past two years, according to the consumer watchdog.

Debt counsellors have been approached by 16,500 people with problems linked to payday loan debt.

Some 16,500 people have approached counsellors with problems linked to payday loan debt


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Online Payday Loans – Emergency Cash Loans

The Text Says:

Today’s text from I Kings is a story of the young King Solomon’s wisdom in determining which of two mothers was telling the truth and who’s not. The result was the public’s regard for their new king that went much deeper than his astuteness, “They stood in awe because they perceived the wisdom of God was in him to render justice” (Vs. 28). Such is always the case when we seek truth through the test of love. That is to say love is not always blind. It can also quicken our insight is ways to discover the truth, as the real mother’s love was rewarded. Likewise love always wins the verdict before the divine Judge.

Hear the sermon.

The Preacher Says:

It’s hard to believe somebody’s telling the truth if you’d lie were you in their place. That’s just one reason why it’s so hard to tell the truth, especially when there’s something in it for me not to. Sometimes we lie because we’re afraid. When I was a kid me and Bernard Bull were offered to have our way paid to R. A. Camp by our church. (Royal Ambassadors! It sounds sooo ‘50?s) But we didn’t know any better and took ‘em up on it. What we didn’t know was they expected us to give a report during Sunday night service! In front of all those people? Fear stuck and I had to think quick on my feet. So I came down with an instant sore throat. Anyhow, as we stood there looking at the audience looking at us, Bro. Bull allowed as how, “Now Danny here’s got a sore throat; so I’m gonna talk for me and him both,” as I’m noddin’ and rubbin’ my throat, for affect. Lordy! The big people knew my throat wasn’t sore, but they understood why I said it. My lie got me off the hook.

Bernard turned out to get his PHD and spent his career as an English teacher where I attended college. And after I got over my “sore throat,” I’ve spent the last 50 years preaching biblical truth in public worship that I believed was true for all and good for all. Because the truth is so rare it’s delightful to tell. But I have to confess that my initial experience of speaking in church was based on a fib! That’s why I like the ending of Mark’s Gospel with the women: “Don’t tell anyone anything!”

The Bible says a lot about telling the truth. And the consequences of not telling it. Father Abraham threw Sarah under the bus, to protect himself, claiming she was his “sister,” not his wife. That made her fair game for the guys on camels. I reckon the “war on women” is nothing new. So the story of the Old Testament is a rambling account about Israel breaking their Covenant with God. Thus, one of the big Ten became “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” And because it’s largely ignored, we’re in the fix we’re in today.

Good people can tell tall tales. Perhaps the most famous was the mess David the King made by changing the 6th commandment to say: “Thou shalt not ADMIT adultery.” No, David, it’s “commit.” But after stealing another man’s wife he lied to cover it up, which is always worse than the original deed. A whole web of relational tragedy resulted; even taking out a contract on his most loyal warrior, Uriah. This is the courageous giant killer? The “one after God’s own heart?” He thought his popularity would let him get away with it. Only after being exposed by the prophet Nathan, did he repent. But the damage was done. But he lied in public, and confessed in private. Because getting caught lying is so embarrassing, people will say anything to avoid getting outed.

King Solomon got his reputation for wisdom, because two gals wanted the same kid, and one of them was telling a whopper! But the king had a creative method up his sleeve to determine the real mother: “Fetch me a sword, and whack the child in two. Give half to one and half to the other.” But the woman who forfeited her chance to be a mother sacrificed herself to save her kid’s life. “She’s remorseful: “Oh, my Lord, give the child to her; just don’t kill it.” But the other woman’s nose started growing like Pinnochio, as her callousness betrayed her ugly desire to win at all costs: if I can’t have it then neither will she! People lie when they don’t wanta lose. Whatever it takes to win, like the recent NFL scandal of intentional hurting. A wise King faces a malevolent liar who was intentionally lethal. Somebody could die because of her lie. Deadly stuff. I wonder if Solomon would’ve really done it. But all we know is his trick uncovered the phony. Said he, “Give the child to the first woman. She’s the true mother.” A masterful way to render justice because it relied on love.

Sadly these stories are so up-to-date. Who knows what to believe anymore? Only the nomenclature has been softened. Where’s George Washington when you need him? Nobody lies today. We just parse the narrative, or push the meme mostly because that’s how we can get away with it, much of the time. Not all the time, but much of the time. Most people lie because they think they won’t get caught. Just throw anything out there and hope you don’t get “fact-checked.” But even then, whose facts? One person’s facts are another person’s lies. That’s why we admire those folks who are forthright, who come clean and tell it like it is — even when it hurts; whose statements have the ring of truth and are believable. But it’s so hard to tell the truth. So we “mis-speak ,“ or “walk-it-back,” anything but lie! Lying sounds so harsh. Well that’s because it is. People with nothing to lose have few reasons to lie. But those with a lot to lose are afraid to fail. And that’s at the root of a lot of lying. So we shade the truth for personal advantage. But there’s always been a shortage of honesty in God’s flawed children of light. We just know about it quicker in today’s instant info age.

I like ol’ Jesus who said, ‘let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.” Say what you mean and mean what you say. Some people are very skilled at clouding communication with ambivalence; to leave yourself a way out. I just shake my head: how can we hope to live together before we’re fit to live with; if we can’t believe what we’re told? On the other hand, considering human nature being what it is. The instinct of self-preservation is so strong, should we really be shocked at the dishonesty that’s commonplace? Perhaps, but you hate to see it become the norm; to live at such a low level of expectation in integrity. Ah everybody does it. Like ol’ Joe Stalin said: “It’s not about how many votes. It’s who does the counting.” Out of sight, behind the scenes, half-truths are everyday stuff.

Doesn’t that make the biggest sin of our time gullibility? It was rampant in Jesus day, which is why he talked about being “wise as serpents but harmless as doves.” He championed the combining of sharp-minds and soft-hearts. Cause there’s too much soft mindedness and hard heartedness! Now if you’re blessed to have a wife who’s hard to fool, you’re onto something! Everybody should have one o’ those. Somebody that knows you so well that living the truth calls for accountability. We’ve built a relationship of mutual trust, and it takes a long time to get it. But once you get it you better not break it! How do you restore trust once it’s broken? You can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Don’t you wish we had true checks and balances of restraint not just in our town halls but in human hearts? That’s where the fat hits the fire. A conscience that can’t be trained to look the other way?

I can’t think of any place where there is no lying. In the home, in the Bible, people lie. It’s in sports. Washington DC? Are you kidding me? In business, anywhere the bottom line is cash, they play fast and loose with the truth. Trying to get somebody to buy it. And there are always those out there who will. Like that guy on Thanksgiving, who took a bite of hot potatoes and spit a mouthful out on his plate. But he made a comeback when he said: “Some people will swallow anything!” So we have the legal profession, and drug companies, and insurance, and banks, and oil spills. Wall Street? God help us.

Church is not exempt either. There’s no place like an inner-city church to hear street-people scams. Oh you can waste a lot of time listening to their stories that all end the same: a request for cash. I’ve heard ‘em all. So I’ve reverted back to my “sore throat” days: “Sunday is the time for our members. Come back on Monday and we’ll give you something to eat.” It’s not technically the truth, but I can’t call it wrong. White lies. Preachers are fired for cooking the books; priests on trial for child molestation; coaches sent to prison. How can such a duplicitous society survive? Is the church out of its league on this one? We might have a chance to influence those who come, but it’s mostly preaching to the choir. This is not just a big problem, it’s an old one, going back to the Genesis serpent. “Yea hath God said…You shall not surely die.” The first lie but not the last.

In Jesus’ day posturing and hypocrisy were standard procedure. Zacchaeus shaved funds off the top. Temple religion was politicized and ritualized. Ostentatious folks stood on the street corners pretending to give huge offerings for show. Nothing got Jesus’ goat more than faking it. It’s the only time he came close to cussing somebody: “You “whitewashed tombstones,” “making others worse the child of hell than yourselves!” On the outside, the Puritans of Palestine appeared so antiseptic, but on the inside they’re “bleached bones.”

When people are invested in you failing, lies comein handy to make you look bad. So the threatened leaders who despised Jesus, began to slander him. They couched it in terms of “we’re right and he’s wrong.” But truth told with bad intent matches any lie you can invent. John says the Pharisees called Jesus an impostor. They even tried to skew the resurrection as fraudulent. Jesus had to go because they feared his success. So people lie because they can’t stand for somebody else to be right.

They finally got him before Pilate, who understood only power. “Are you a king?” Jesus said there’s something more important than royalty: “My kingdom is not of this world.” Huh? Well which world? The one God wants to give. Jesus kept zeroing in on the most hurtful thing we can confront: “I came to bear witness to the truth,” which oughta have some bearing on justice. But Pilate caved because the truth hurts: “What is truth?” he growls. Notice he didn’t stay around for the answer standing right before him. Because reputation trumps the truth every time.

Ol’ Bobby McGee says “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” Jesus said “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” It’ll also make you mad! But Pilate had too much to lose to let Jesus loose. And “the last fraud is worse than the first!” The earliest Christians made a mockery of that cheap shot by making truth-telling integral to its way of life. The thing about truth is, it always provokes those it does not convert. One of the most dramatic stories in the Book of Acts is about an active couple who “pretended to give more to the church than they did” and they keeled over dead when the preacher exposed their dishonesty! Lying is serious stuff, because pretense prevents community.

There’s not a lot we can do about all the lying that surrounds us in our society. It’s gone ballistic. Other than be alert to it and not be swayed by it. One reason we come to church I assume is to be reminded that truth is having the same idea about something that God has. And get on the same page. To pray and be inspired by the scriptures and uplifting music and get away from the cesspool of deceit that daily confronts us. I think it would be fine also to admit that truth is not in any one of us but between all of us. Instead of like those who think they own the truth. Sometimes it’s hard to name but we know it when we see it. That’s what allows you to live like you don’t have something to hide; a life of transparency, so you won’t have to be looking back over your shoulder all the time. That way you can keep your eyes on the prize not the lies.

Because another biblical theme is this: The Lord God expects us to back up with our lives what we say with our mouths. As St. Paul said: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable——if anything is excellent or praiseworthy——think on these things” (Phil 4:8).

ProvidencePrayers: (October 21, 2012)

Ever mindful of the pitfalls of this world, O Lord, we pray not just for knowledge but for the common sense to use it rightly. We pray not just for wisdom, but also for the character to make something worthwhile out of ourselves because of it. Forgive us for thinking our abundance is a matter of our rights instead of the evidence of Thy grace.

We have much for which to be grateful: for the eagerness to serve; for our ability to remember and our capacity to hope; for curious minds to grapple with tall questions, while the rest go on playing their games; for not taking ourselves too seriously and for blessing us with a sense of humor. We thank Thee for a Book that reads us; and for a church that energizes us, where the strong bear the infirmities of the weak. Bless our congregation with honesty, so hard to come by in these days, along with an awareness to see reality, and an openness to listen, lest we succumb to the arrogance of knowing all the answers and none of the questions.

Like Jesus, may we try to be person-centered, lest stones and statistics, size and structure and impressive numbers be inflated above what really makes Thee smile. Keep raising up men and women who love this church to serve it with the best they have to give and to give of the best that they have for Thy glory. We pray for all who are joined in this experience of worship, and remember those who are willing but unable. For the sick, grant healing; for the lonely, Thy presence; for the undecided, Thy wisdom; for the bereaved, Thy support; and for all of us, the strength to “stay by the stuff” in the living of these days. Bless us with poise, persistence, and peace. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Dwyane Wade's Father Sued Over College Loan Recap

On Tuesday Dwyane Wade’s Father Sued Over College Loan was a top story. Here is the recap: (TMZ) Dwyane Wade’s father wasn’t always banking on his son becoming a gazillionaire … because he took out a loan to attend trade school back in the day … a loan he allegedly never re-paid.

TMZ has learned … D-Wade Sr. is being sued by the U.S. Govt. for defaulting on a $4,630.46 loan intended for higher education.

According to the docs, Wade Sr. borrowed the cash to attend the Environmental Technical Institute — which specializes in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

The loan was approved in 2001 — the same year Dwyane Wade Jr. entered his freshman year at Marquette University.

The U.S. Govt. is going after Wade Sr. for the full amount of the loan — plus interest — totaling $6,221.44 … which DW Sr. could probably find in his son’s couch cushions. – more on this story