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Good Internet Payday Loans – Light Build Design

Good Internet Payday Loans

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Extortion scam related to payday loans | Consumer Alert – Bonney …

It has been reported to the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) that a consumer was recently contacted after going online and providing his personal information to a non-licensed payday lender. Afterwards, the consumer was contacted by a person who identified himself as an attorney for entity by the name of US Cash Lending. This individual indicated he was attempting to collect on a delinquent debt and threatened to have the consumer arrested if he did not obtain a cash card and send to him in the next 30 minutes.

The consumer indicated he then was transferred to a lady who spoke very broken English. The consumer indicated that this person again informed the consumer he had to obtain and send $1,156.33 on a cash card or they would have him arrested and refused to provide any documentation on the debt until payment was made. The consumer indicated after he refused to make this payment, the person hung up on him.

The consumer indicated this entity did not provide an address, but provided the following phone number allegedly tied to the company: 720-358-8035.

US Cash Lending is not licensed by the Washington State of Department of Financial Institutions as a payday lender, or by the Washington State Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service as a collections agent. Washington residents are advised that state law provides in RCW 31.45.105(1)(d) and (3) that a small loan made by an unlicensed entity to a person physically located in Washington is uncollectible and unenforceable in Washington State.

The FBI has previously issued a national press release regarding extortion scams related to delinquent payday loans.


Orange Beach increases restrictions on tattoo parlors, pawn shops, cash-advance loan outlets

The storefront of Trillium Studios, the only tattoo parlor in Orange Beach, is shown on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. New zoning restrictions approved by the Orange Beach City Council limit the areas where new tattoo parlors, pawn shops, body-piercing studios, palm readers and cash-advance loan outfits can locate within the city. City leaders told the owner of Trillium Studios, Lou MCallister, that his business has nothing to do with the new restrictions and they are pleased with the way he runs his tattoo and piercing studio. (Marc D. Anderson/

ORANGE BEACH, Alabama — In what city leaders called a proactive move to protect Orange Beach’s family-centered image, the council on Wednesday night approved further restrictions on pawn shops, tattoo parlors, body-piercing studios, palm readers and cash-advance loan outfits.

Following a nearly 20-minute public hearing encompassed by a rousing debate between Mayor Tony Kennon, council members and Lou McCallister, the owner of the city’s lone tattoo parlor, the City Council voted unanimously to amend the zoning ordinance that regulates businesses that have been deemed undesirable.

Under the tightened restrictions, new tattoo parlors, non-chartered financial institutions and the other businesses, are limited to operating in areas that are at least 1,500 feet away from residential zones, schools and public parks.

By increasing the old restriction of having a 500-foot buffer by 200 percent in addition to the current regulation of similar businesses not opening within 5,000 feet of each other, the city has blackballed those select establishments from opening in areas east of The Wharf along Canal Road to Bear Point and north of the Perdido Beach Boulevard. What’s left are pockets of permissible places near The Wharf, three shopping centers on Perdido Beach Boulevard and the far east side by the Florida state line.

“I’d like the know what that outcome that’s desired is?” McCallister asked during the public hearing. “I mean 1,500 feet is usually reserved for pedifiles and sexual predators. I don’t understand how my business is being lumped in with that.”

Riled by a local media report about the issue, McCallister said he felt the mayor singled out his Canal Road business, Trillium Studios, as being a center of criminal activity and asked Kennon how he’s backing up that claim.

“The FBI has statistics,” Kennon said. “We talked with a special ops guy from the FBI and he agreed that there are issues with tattoo parlors (and) crime, whether it be prostitution, drugs, whatever.”

The yellow and gray areas in these Orange Beach zoning maps show were owners of body piercing studios, non-chartered financial institutions, palm readers, pawn shops and tattoo parlors are prohibited from establishing new businesses. The top map shows the newly approved 1,500-foot buffer zone, while the lower map shows the old restrictions of 500 feet. (City of Orange Beach)

As a business owner and a tattoo artist who has worked in the city for the past decade, McCallister said he’s done a lot to be a “contributing part” of the community.

Three years ago to the month, Orange Beach officials had the same debate with McCallister and others when the city first broached the idea of restricting certain businesses, and it wasn’t until February of 2011 that the new regulations were approved.

Mayor Pro-tem Jeff Silvers seized on that past discussion, which shifted the tone of the public hearing.

“It’s like the last time Lou,” Silvers said, “(when) you showed up and thought we were hurting you. We’re not coming after you in general, but we’ve … had a public outcry from these people in this council chambers right now. With this new council that got on board and got elected there was a public outcry in these council chambers for us to look at it again and I think that’s what we directed staff to do.”

Kennon said he’s been straightforward with McCallister and the public about how he feels about tattoo parlors, pawn shops and the other businesses covered by the zoning amendment. “And I feel like the majority of our residents feel the same way,” the mayor said. “That’s why I feel so strongly about it. You’re there, you’re grandfathered in. I don’t think you have an issue. I don’t even know why you’d want to create an issue.”

McCallister replied: “Because it’s an image issue, Mayor Kennon. It’s an image we’ve struggled to turn around. We know that some of our contemporaries have problems and that’s not unique to our industry.”

Kennon said communities like Orange Beach aren’t the ones that have tarnished the reputation of tattoo parlors. “I think tattoo parlors created their own reputation,” he said. “and we’re just trying to deal with that.”

Silvers pointed out that the issue is being tackled in other Baldwin County cities too, such as Spanish Fort, which approved restrictions on tattoo parlors this week, and Gulf Shores is poised to implement restrictions for the first time.

“Those are communities that have the problems with them,” Silvers said to McCallister. “We really don’t. We’re trying to be proactive that’s all. OK? There’s other businesses in this amendment too. It’s not just you.”

Silvers, Kennon and other council members said they respect McCallister, but the issue is bigger than his studio

“I appreciate you being here and doing what you do,” Silvers said. “Because I do think you operate a clean tattoo business and body-piercing (studio).”

Kennon said the council is just doing what’s best for the residents they’ve been elected to serve, and that it has nothing to do with Trillium Studios.

“When it’s said that we’re not a ‘family-friendly business,’ I go nuts,” McCallister said. “I mean how many people in this room have never seen a tattoo that says ‘mom’? We have moms that bring their kids in all the time. And kids bring their moms in all the time.”

The mayor said the aim of the restrictions is to continue to present “an air of prosperity” in Orange Beach. “You don’t really see that when you have title loans lined up and down the street,” Kennon said. “And I hope you understand that.”

At present the city does not have any pawn shops, palm readers or cash-advance loan outlets within its limits.


Phila. mob trial told how cash flowed upward

Deep in debt and unable to pay, Michael F. Orlando Jr. had a proposal. He asked his South Philadelphia loan shark if he might earn credit – and good will – by working as a street collector.

But the alleged shark, Damion Canalichio, nixed the idea. Orlando’s loan wasn’t his to forgive, Canalichio said. It belonged to “Stevie and Joey,” shorthand that Orlando took to mean reputed mob boss Joseph Ligambi and a lieutenant, Steve Mazzone.

“It’s Uncle Joe’s money?” Orlando asked in the 2002 conversation, recorded by the FBI.

“Yeah,” Canalichio said.

Federal prosecutors on Friday played that tape – and a handful of others – in a bid to persuade jurors that even the smaller loans were part of a larger organized gambling, extortion and loan-shark racket controlled by Ligambi and his associates, and that the money flowed up.

The testimony came on the second day of Orlando’s coming out as a government cooperator at the trial of Ligambi, Canalichio and five others. It was also his first day of cross-examination, and the lawyers pounced.

Under questioning from Ligambi’s lawyer, Orlando conceded that he was never beaten over his mounting debt, and that he never saw Canalichio or others on trial beat someone else who owed them money. He also agreed that tough talk and name-dropping is routine in South Philly, the false currency that people trade to get things done.

The lawyer, Edwin Jacobs Jr., suggested that Orlando deliberately inserted Ligambi’s name into the conversation that day, when Canalichio could have been referring to someone else named Joey.

“You were a cooperating witness for the government, and you knew darn well what they were trying to do was get something on tape that implicated Joe Ligambi,” Jacobs asserted.

Orlando denied it.

“I was not instructed to use his name, Uncle Joe,” he said “That’s not true.”

Often looking toward the defendants, Orlando, 45, has portrayed himself as tortured over the decision to cooperate.

Canalichio, he said, was “a dear friend.” Reputed underboss Joseph “Mousie” Massimino had his utmost respect, “treated me very well” and may have intervened to keep one particularly aggressive loan shark off his back.

But Orlando told jurors he felt like he had no choice after learning in 2001 that his half-brother had been wearing a wire and gathering evidence against mobsters, including when he paid off some of Orlando’s debts.

The defense lawyers have argued the case is built on fabrications from criminals trying to save themselves.

At the time he began cooperating, Orlando owed thousands of dollars to several sharks, loaned at 30 percent interest that compounded weekly.

“One of the reasons you had debt was because you’re a complete gambling degenerate, isn’t that right?” said Canalichio’s lawyer, Maggie Gross, delivering a point Orlando didn’t contest.

Jacobs noted that Orlando had admitted staging a fake auto accident, running a credit scam, selling drugs, and robbing a drug dealer – but that none of the proceeds went to the defendants who prosecutors contend controlled South Philadelphia crime.

He parsed the plea agreement, one that Orlando signed with prosecutors after being charged in the credit scheme almost a decade ago. He faced up to 16 months in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, but ended up getting probation.

“The bottom line is that for the bank fraud, drug dealing, the robbery, bogus auto accidents . . . The total time you did in jail is what, zero? Not a day in jail?” Jacobs asked.

“I put my life at risk just wearing a wire,” Orlando said. “I put my life at risk here today testifying. That’s enough to do. For the rest of my life I have to look over my shoulder.”

“But not one day in jail, right?” Jacobs shot back.

“Not one day in jail,” Orlando conceded, “but maybe a bullet in my head someday.”

Orlando has spent nearly a decade in the witness-protection program. He said he is married with children and a steady job in another state.

“Can you ever come back to Philadelphia?” Assistant U.S. Attorney John Han asked.

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'Loan Ranger' suspect in Texas bank robbery


EmailShare|PrintPhoto from surveillance in Monday’s bank robbery. (Source: FBI)Surveillance from August 2011’s Altra Credit Union Robbery in Tyler.Surveillance from May 2012’s BBVA Compass Bank Robbery in Tyler.TYLER, TX (KLTV) –

The man accused of knocking-off two East Texas banks and is suspected of at least four more, has robbed yet another bank in Texas.

The ‘Loan Ranger’ is suspected of robbing the First State Bank in Salado, TX on Monday.


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Salado Police Chief Jack Hensley says the man walked into the bank around 10:45 Monday morning and demanded money from a teller.

Hensley says no weapon was displayed, but the teller still handed over an undisclosed amount of cash to the robber.

The ‘Loan Ranger’ stuffed the stolen bills underneath his shirt and fled the bank on foot.

Authorities say he was wearing a dark blue long-sleeve pullover shirt and a white cap.

Tyler Police Officer Don Martin says the department has been contacted in reference to the possible connection to two bank robberies in Tyler.

The Altra Federal Credit Union on August 31, 2011, and BBVA Compass Bank in mid-May of this year are the two local banks authorities say may be connected to Monday’s robbery.

The Loan Ranger is accused of robbing an Arkansas bank twice, once in 2009 and again in mid-2011; he’s suspected in the January robbery of Union State Bank in Round Rock, also in the March 30 robbery of the Santa Fe Community Credit Union in Temple, and Monday’s Salado robbery marks the seventh.

To view a slideshow of images captured from surveillance footage in all of the possibly connected robberies, click here.

We’re working to obtain surveillance footage from Monday’s robbery. Stay tuned for more information in this developing story.

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