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Report: Payday loans can cost borrowers much – The Times

WASHINGTON (AP) — A report by a federal watchdog has found that about half of all payday loans are made to people who extend the loans so many times they end up paying more in fees than the original amount they borrowed.

The report released Tuesday by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also shows that four of five payday loans are extended, or “rolled over,” within 14 days. Additional fees are charged when loans are rolled over.

Payday loans, also known as cash advances or check loans, are short-term loans at high interest rates, usually for $500 or less. They often are made to borrowers with weak credit or low incomes, and the storefront businesses often are located near military bases. The equivalent annual interest rates run to three digits.


Overnight Payday Loan | Praktikak

If you are like many people, you do not have much money left over between paychecks. You might not have extra money to cover an unexpected expense. When an urgent expense arises and you have no other alternatives, you might want to consider an overnight payday loan. Overnight payday loans are also known as cash advance loans.

An overnight payday loan that will allow you to borrow money until your next payday. In essence, you are taking out an advance on a future paycheck. If you have a temporary financial crisis that is not of a large magnitude, an overnight payday loan can benefit you. You will be able to access some money for your unexpected bill without much trouble.

Applying for an overnight payday loan is rather simple. You can apply online by entering some basic information. Cash Advance loan companies do not usually require a credit check.

They will ask for bank account information since where they can deposit your loan. Of course, their primary focus will be collecting employment and payday information. You can be pre-approved for an overnight payday loan with just a few minutes of your time. If approved, you can receive the loan in your bank account overnight while you are resting.

Some payday loans are designed to offer you cash in your bank account within about 12 hours. When your car is sitting on the highway waiting to be repaired or your furnace has stopped running in the middle of winter, this type of loan can feel like a lifesaver.

The amount of money you receive for an overnight payday loan will depend on the size of your paycheck each pay period.

This money will need to be paid back on your next pay date or else you will need to take out an extension. You will need to make a payment on your loan but will not need to pay it back in full if you take an extension. Most payday loan companies will limit the number of times that you can request an extension. You will end up paying much more back in interest if you request extensions.

Although these loan options should not be used frequently, they can be a help especially if you have a family. Money can always be tight, and it is nice to know that there is such a fast and easy way to access cash on occasion if you have a financial emergency. The next time that you are scrambling for cash in a hurry for a necessary expense, you might want to apply for an overnight payday loan.