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Missouri AG Koster shuts down predatory payday loans | SEMO TIMES

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Attorney General Chris Koster announced yesterday that he has obtained an agreement with eight online payday loan operations to shut down payday loan operations in Missouri, provide $270,000 in consumer restitution, and erase all loan balances for Missouri consumers.

Koster said Martin A. “Butch” Webb acted through numerous business entities operating from a Native American reservation in South Dakota, including Payday Financial, Western Sky Financial, Lakota Cash, Great Sky Finance, Red Stone Financial, Big Sky Cash, Lakota Cash, and Financial Solutions, none of which were licensed to do business in Missouri. These businesses sold short-term loans with exorbitant fees and forced consumers to agree to have their future wages garnished without going through the court system as required by Missouri law.

The Attorney General’s Office received 57 complaints from consumers who were collectively charged approximately $25,000 in excess fees. The Attorney General’s investigation subsequently discovered as many as 6,300 other Missourians who may have also been charged excessive fees. One Missouri consumer was charged a $500 origination fee on a $1,000 loan, which was immediately rolled into the principal of the loan. She was charged 194 percent APR and eventually paid more than $4,000.

“These predatory lending businesses operated in the shadows, taking advantage of Missourians through outrageous fees and unlawful garnishments,” said Koster. “Webb may have thought that by operating on tribal land he could avoid compliance with our state’s laws. He was wrong.”

Under Missouri law, a payday lender cannot charge “origination” or other such fees in excess of 10 percent of the loan, up to a maximum of $75.

The judgment obtained by Koster permanently prohibits Webb or any of his businesses from making or collecting on any loans in Missouri, and it cancels existing loan balances for his Missouri customers. Webb must also instruct credit reporting agencies to remove all information previously supplied to them about specific consumers. In addition, Webb must pay $270,000 in restitution to consumers and $30,000 in penalties to the state.

Consumers who, while living in Missouri, paid excess origination fees to one of the companies listed above—even if the loan was later sold to a third party—may be eligible to receive restitution under the terms of the judgment. The Attorney General’s office will be contacting eligible consumers.

“My hope is that every Missouri consumer who took out a short-term loan with these companies gets back what they were charged in excess of Missouri law,” said Koster. “The message to online payday lenders is clear: follow Missouri law or you won’t be doing business in our state.”


Tribal Payday Loans Under Fire In Federal Courts : Native American …

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United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has denied a request by two Native American Tribes to stop New York State’s top financial regulator from cracking down on their online lending businesses. The decision comes more than a year after the Tribes sued Benjamin M. Lawsky, Superintendent of the state’s Department of Financial Services, arguing that he had overstepped his jurisdictional bounds in trying to regulate business activity that takes place on Tribal reservations in Oklahoma and Michigan.

The ruling upholds a decision from Judge Richard Sullivan of Federal District Court in Manhattan, who suggested that once tribal businesses go online to attract consumers – many of whom live far beyond the borders of their reservations – the Tribes effectively lose their rights to operate as sovereign nations.

In their lawsuit, the Otoe Missouria Tribe in Red Rock, Oklahoma and the Lac Vieux Desert Bank of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians in Watersmeet, Michigan argued that their sovereign status shielded them from the reach of New York State. The appeals court disagreed, outlining in a 33-page opinion that the borrowers reside in New York and received the loans “certainly without traveling to the reservation.” The decision is the latest setback for the Tribes. Last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rejected an argument from three Tribal online lenders that argued their sovereign status protected them from an investigation by the agency.

The lawsuit is continuing in federal district court, and the opinion does note that “a court might ultimately conclude that… the transaction being regulated by New York could be regarded as on?reservation, based on the extent to which one side of the transaction is firmly rooted on the reservation.”



How a High Court Ruling on Tribal Powers May Impact Payday …

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case between the state of Michigan and the Bay Mills Indian Community, which upheld tribal sovereignty in the case of a casino, did not deal with payday lending but mentioned possible limits to tribal authority by suggesting that states could pursue individuals instead. Some observers believe the decision will make it harder for payday lenders to claim that an affiliation with Native American tribes exempts them from state and federal consumer protection laws.

“This case makes clear that sovereign immunity is only immunity from being sued but they are not exempted from complying with the law,” said Lauren Saunders, associate director of the National Consumer Law Center. “Payday lenders who claim an affiliation with a tribe claim that they are outside of law [but] that is simply wrong and this says a court can even issue an order against them by doing it through action against an individual.”

However, other experts insist it is uncertain whether the ruling can be applied to tribes and affiliated payday lenders. Ronald Rubin, a partner at Hunton & Williams in Washington, says, “The real question is whether or not payday lenders located on Indian lands are actually operating on tribal territory when they make loans to people around the country.”


Government Regulations Getting Stricter With The Payday Loan …

Payday loan lenders in the UK are working on a new code of practices for their industry and will soon unveil the details. There is effort being made into limiting the amount of consecutive loans in which a borrower can take out. This new regulation is set to protect those customers who cannot afford to repay a loan from taking out another. Many borrowers get caught up in a cycle of taking out new loans to repay old ones. The fees add up and the customers fall into a cycle of debt trying to keep up. The UK firms are slow going to work on better communication for data-sharing with credit reference agencies.

For those of you who know a bit about the payday loan lender, then this topic should not seem too foreign. There are many states here in America which has already placed guidelines in which these types of lenders can operate. In fact, there are new proposals right now in several states continuing to try to add new regulations as well as rework old ones. The main purpose for these laws is to protect the citizens of the state and keep the predatory lenders out.

Payday loan “brick and mortar” lenders have certain rules in which their place of business must follow. Online payday loan lenders are regulated a bit different with unlimited web access. There are no lending policies, capped loans amounts, limited interest rates and some states have limited numbers of loans regulated. There are payoff rules and regulations as to how many loans can be out at once. With all of these regulations in place, there are still borrowers and lenders who are not responsible with their part of the process.

The UK Consumer Credit Counseling Service put pressure on the country’s lenders as they have seen an abundant rise of unemployed people being approved for payday loans despite the fact that repayment of the loans seems unlikely. The counseling service is working with many folks in the UK trying to get them out of the payday loan cycle of debt.

When you are searching for an online payday loan lender on the Internet, take precaution and find out where your potential lender is located. Once you know the lender is located within the U.S., and not affiliated with Native American tribes, (they are not regulated by the state laws), then you will still want to shop around for the best prices. You will find companies who will charge higher fees and/or interest rates and you will find those which offer loans with lower rates. If you live in a state with regulations, then that lender should be following them. A customer could find lenders who do not want to follow the regulations. Avoid the possibility of falling prey to a predatory or fraudulent lender and stay clear of those offers which sound too good to be true.

Payday loan lenders are not the only industry which has had its share of fraudulent imitators. Money attracts dishonesty and people have to beware. Do your homework when finding any company to work with.


New York Shuts Down Payday Loan Company, Branding Services …

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It’s something that has been brewing in the news for the last few weeks, but has only just come to a dramatic conclusion – for a while now, New York lawmakers have been threatening to crack down on payday loan companies, much to the chagrin of Native American tribal lenders and those who have argued that such loans serve a necessary purpose in the market.

It seems that regulators have moved from mere talk to action. Yesterday, they successfully forced a Tennessee-based payday loan conglomerate to shut down, causing the overnight closure of three online lenders.

Who Was Targeted?

The conglomerate was owned by philanthropist and entrepreneur Carey Vaughn Brown and based in Chattanooga. The structure of the conglomerate is somewhat confusing, but includes the companies Area203 Digital, Cloudswell, SupportSeven, ACH Federal, Eclipse in Action, Credit Protection Depot and Credit Payment Services.

They offer a variety of financial services and products, but it is the latter (Credit Payment Services) which was providing payday loans via three websites:, and

As of yesterday, all three sites have been replaced with a ‘temporarily unavailable’ placeholder message.

How Did Regulators Manage to Shut Them Down?

By going straight for the jugular. Rather than forcing the sites to close directly, New York regulators went directly to banks instead, sending a letter to all of the major banks and urging them to stop giving Carey Brown’s payday loan ring access to the national Automated Clearing House network. This system, usually referred to by its acronym ACH, allows authorized lenders to deposit loans directly into a customer’s account. More importantly, it allows the lender to automatically collect the loan repayment on an agreed date.

Without access to the ACH, it would be very difficult (if not impossible) for a payday loan lender to operate. Given that Brown’s payday loan websites suddenly closed, we can only assume that the denial of access request was acquiesced by the major banks.

Who Has it Affected?

While it is too early to say how this will affect those who have currently got outstanding loans with any of the above named parties, there has already been a large amount of fall-out from the sudden closure: specifically, company employees.

Approximately 400 employees are understood to have lost their jobs, with staff observed leaving company offices with their possessions in boxes mere hours after the news broke.

While the conglomerate affected has not specifically addressed the shutdown directly, on the topic of staff lay-offs it issued the following statement: “Due to the current regulatory environment and a contraction of the financial industry’s support of online lending, we have determined that the ongoing viability of these companies is unsustainable… We appreciate the commitment and hard work of our colleagues, and we wish them well.”

The Implications Going Forward

This development is interesting in that it is the first assertive action made by New York regulators into the realms of Native American lending, which had been threatened earlier in month – Brown’s payday loan operations originate from within a tribal reservation, which many lenders have argued fall outside of state laws since they’re classed as a sovereign nation.

(Pictured: Carey V. Brown)

Despite Brown maintaining immunity – both due to the Indian reservation technicality and the argument that the loans are processed on offshore servers – it looks like the ACH block has totally disrupted his service overnight, and it’s not likely to recover in its current form. If Carey V. Brown had any confidence that they could fight the ruling, he probably wouldn’t have made his entire workforce redundant.

When Illegal Lending Backfires

It’s a near certainty that New York regulators will continue to crack down on lenders, but it could be easily argued that Brown’s payday loan companies were a very easy target. After all, they had been openly breaking the rules for quite some time.

A couple of his payday loan companies had been sued for spam text messages by the thousand. It had also been slammed in a few states (including Tennessee) prior to this for charging a higher interest rate than that permissible by state laws, and was banned from operating in certain areas as a result.

Choosing a Company that Plays by the Rules

Since its founding in 2005, AAA Payday Cash has been committed to working with both customers and regulators to make sure we provide:

A) Superb customer service
B) Efficient loans in 2 days or less
C) Full transparency with our fee structure and how we work

In a nutshell, it’s as simple as A, B, C! What’s more, as a registered lender we do all of the above while abiding with every letter of the law.

If you’re new to payday loans or have been impacted by the recent news, you’re in the right place. We’ll be happy to help you with your short-term borrowing needs, and are sure you’ll be impressed with how efficient our services are – simply visit the homepage for steps on how to get started, or see our FAQ page for explanatory info on the various services we offer.

Alternatively, do feel free to get in touch! We love hearing from our customers, and try to help out as much as possible via our G+, Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you have any queries or simply want to say howdy, do feel free to drop us a line!


Requirements With regard to Payday Loans Online

Being aware what any predatory payday loans online loan company is actually and also the way to recognize the lending company ahead of putting your signature on to the mortgage loan is important specifics any time seeking a new rapid mortgage loan to help you with additionally several unpredicted bills prior to a commit day. A new predatory lender will protect your conversation for the subject matter associated with applying for that loan. Ask any query as well as you are likely to have your call answered that will require rear for the banker’s most significant topic, implementing for any mortgage. Deceptive payday loans online creditors tend not to need to commit significantly time addressing inquiries as well as offering tips. Hazy possibilities with an unwillingness to consider aspect in different dialogue with regards to prices, phrases or conditions are assured indications that you simply may well end up being managing a new fraudulent payday loans online financial institution.

An excellent instance of a new business benefiting from the need for many swiftly income may be 1 in which could very well have the income for you personally throughout below 1 hour. An individual that’s cash buckled will not invest time to get via the particular conditions while using commitment. Individuals tend to be money indications inside the loan company’s eye. The actual product sales approach is certainly going being dedicated to receiving the information refined as swiftly as possible with genuinely small time to move somewhere else. Total funds are quickly moved, that signifies achievable problems may emerge from this type of in a rush choice and will be included fees for your customer later on.

Promises of monetary payday loans online authorized with no possessing the income to assistance it’s also the red flag. If the customer will be drawing near payday cash advances loan providers using simply $1000 inside net pay each calendar month, acquiring accepted to obtain a bank loan regarding 20% with this revenue just isn’t accountable for possibly get together. Lenders must be conscious of simply how much funds is actually produced residence month-to-month just before approving loans. Fraudulent loan providers will mortgage the actual income in any case.

Payday loans online Loan companies Aren’t All Managed. Payday loans online are usually positioned almost all above the internet. That calls for slightly informed to filtration by means of lenders. Understand what costs payday advances are positioned from by the state laws. Learn in which in this array your businesses their very own outlined price ranges. Will certainly which firm have any other options easily available together with obtaining to spend within comprehensive within your following invest day time? Help to make specific you usually are not interacting an exclusive lender, you’ll find quite a bit of rip-off artists trying to find feed who’re desperate. Recognize in which really should an individual perform business employing a lender situated out and about of your respective county or work with a Native National Tribe their state regulations don’t shield an individual together with certainly one of these financing options.

Yes with Payday loans online, you might end up being supplied a significantly increased mortgage amount along with it may seem welcoming, nevertheless the particular costs and also rates usually are not regulated along with the payback may expenditure anyone a good deal of money. Declares which have forbidden payday loans online aren’t against the rules on the unregulated organizations. You’ll find predatory procedures taking place during these types of deals. Guard on your own also as the upcoming financial situation, as well as find out which possessing belief inside your bank is very important whenever doing firm.