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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, August 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —, the popular American website for cash loans comparison and application consideration, has announced an important upgrade to the site. It has received the award of being a McAfee Secure™ website.

McAfee is the world’s leading internet security firm and has developed a raft of well-respected and effective ways to test and protect websites. Consumers can visit the site and apply for cash loans with the full peace of mind that the site has been rubber-stamped as secure by the esteemed security firm.

Ben Milo, spokesperson for, made the announcement of the launch in the following statement that was released to the press.

“We are very happy to be endorsed by McAfee and feature the McAfee Secure™ trustmark on our website. The McAfee Secure™ trustmark only appears when the website has passed McAfee’s intensive, daily security scan. The firm tests our site for possible personal information access, links to dangerous sites, phishing, and other online dangers. All websites displaying the sign are tested, certified and verified daily as passing McAfee’s rigorous security tests. These include tests to protect the site and the user against viruses, phishing, malware, spyware and identity theft.”

Online unsecured loans are available from many resources and often from direct lenders. is not a lender but is an independent loan comparison specialist that has developed a number of trusted relationships with professional lenders. The site has created an application conduit service that allows consumers to complete a single application form for fast loans from top lenders.

Once an application has been securely submitted through the site, within a few minutes some offers may follow online. The applicant then has time to review the details of any offer and decide whether or not to accept. Bad credit loans from lenders that are approved and accepted can be rapidly disbursed into bank checking accounts within one working day. Details of repayments, loan terms and interest rates will be shown on screen prior to the consumer accepting an offer.

The site has also created a library of freely accessible helpful Tips & Advice on how to manage bad credit, make smart borrowing decisions and improve their financial prospects. Learn more at:

Ben Milo