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Wells Fargo, JPMorgan settle mortgage kickbacks probe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have agreed to pay more than $35 million combined to resolve claims that loan officers at the two banks received kickbacks in exchange for steering mortgage borrowers to a Maryland title company.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Thursday that JPMorgan and Wells Fargo each agreed to consent orders filed in federal court to settle the claims.

Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $24 million in civil penalties and $10.8 million to consumers affected by the scheme. JPMorgan is to pay $600,000 in penalties and about $300,000 in redress.

The CFPB and the Maryland attorney general found that loan officers at the banks referred borrowers to a now-defunct title company, Genuine Title, in exchange for cash and marketing services.

Federal law prohibits giving anything of value in exchange for a referral of business related to a real estate settlement service.

According to the CFPB, loan officers at Wells Fargo and JPMorgan sent homebuyers financing a mortgage through the banks to Genuine Title, which provided real estate closing services.

In return, the title company, which went out of business last April, provided the loan officers with cash, as well as consumer information and marketing services aimed at helping them drum up more loan business, the CFPB said.

“These banks allowed their loan officers to focus on their own illegal financial gain rather than on treating consumers fairly,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray.

The CFPB noted that more than 100 Wells Fargo loan officers in at least 18 branches, mainly in Maryland and Virginia, participated in the scheme, referring thousands of loans to Genuine Title.

The agency also contends that Wells Fargo failed to stop the scheme, even though it had multiple warnings of what was going on, including a federal lawsuit that alleged the bank’s loan officers had illegal arrangements with the title company.

In a statement, Wells Fargo spokesman Tom Goyda said the bank has fully cooperated with the CFPB, fired the employees who were involved in the scheme and taken steps to enhance its procedures to provide greater oversight and monitoring of both the process and its employees.

The agency found that at least six Chase loan officers in three different branches in Maryland, Virginia and New York were involved in the scheme.

Jason Lobo, a spokesman for Chase Mortgage Banking, said the bank’s own investigation into the kickback scheme found six of its mortgage loan officers received marketing services, though not any cash, in return for steering borrowers on 191 loans to Genuine Title.

“We also found no evidence that borrowers incurred title fees in excess of the market rates,” he said.

Four of the Chase loan officers had left the bank when the scheme was uncovered. The bank fired the two others who remained, Lobo noted.

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The year in business: Payday loan debate heats up in Baton Rouge …

Lobbyists for the payday loan industry stormed Baton Rouge over the summer as state lawmakers deliberated tighter controls on short-term, high-interest loans.

Proponents for stricter rules argued payday loans prey on the working class and trap them in a cycle of debt that can ruin their credit.

But payday lenders said restrictions would put them out of business and stymie a much-needed source of lending for the poor.

By the end of the 2014 legislative session, the payday loan industry had beaten back several proposals to limits its activity. But the fight isn’t over.

What happened: The Legislature considered several proposals putting limits on payday loans during the 2014 session.

Initial bills, sponsored by Rep. Ted James, D – Baton Rouge and Sen. Ben Nevers, D – Bogalusa, proposed capping payday loan interest rates at 36 percent annually.

A later draft abandoned the 36 percent cap and instead proposed limiting borrowers to 10 payday loans per year. It also required payday lenders to enter transaction into a database reviewed by the Office of Financial Institutions.

The bill failed on the Senate floor in late April, despite the support of consumer advocates, including AARP Louisiana and Louisiana Together, a statewide network of religious and civic organizations.

Senators who voted against the bill were wary of placing limits on lending, which they said could damage the industry and hurt consumers.

What’s next: AARP Louisiana, Louisiana Together and other groups that led the initial charge for limits have vowed to continue their push in the 2015 session.

Payday lenders are likely to face heightened scrutiny in coming years, even if Louisiana rules do not change.

Federal regulators have already cracked down on banks that offer short-term products.

In July, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reached a $10 million settlement with payday lender ACE Cash Express over illegal debt collection tactics. The agency, which became the first to oversee payday loans in 2012, is in the process of drafting rules for the entire industry.

In the meantime, traditional lenders, including Liberty Bank & Trust in New Orleans, are experimenting with ways to offer small loans and other products tailored for low-income borrowers.


WKSU News: Democratic bill would crack down on payday loans to …

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5 Top Alternatives To A Reverse Mortgage

If you’re 62 or older, you may be able to convert the equity in your home into cash with a reverse mortgage. This loan lets you borrow against the equity in your home to get a fixed monthly payment or line of credit. Repayment is deferred until you move out, sell the home, become delinquent on property taxes and/or insurance, the home falls into disrepair, or you pass away. Then the house is sold and any excess after repayment goes to you or your heirs.

Home equity loans can be problematic if not done correctly ( see 5 Reverse Mortgage Scams ) and require careful attention to the rights of the surviving spouse, if you are married. And of course, the end of the process means you or your heirs give up your home.

There are other ways to tap into your home’s equity that are worth considering. Here, we take a quick look at the top alternatives to reverse mortgages.

1. Refinance Your Existing Mortgage

If you have an existing home loan, you may be able to refinance your mortgage to lower your monthly payments and free up some cash. One of the best reasons to refinance is to lower the interest rate on your mortgage, which can save you money over the life of the loan, decrease the size of your monthly payments and help you build equity in your home faster. Another perk: If you refinance instead of getting a reverse mortgage, your home remains an asset for you and your heirs.

2. Take Out a Home-Equity Loan

Essentially a second mortgage, a home-equity loan lets you borrow money by leveraging the equity you have in your home. It works the same way as your primary mortgage: You receive the loan as a single lump-sum payment, and you cannot draw any additional funds from the house. The interest you pay is generally tax deductible for loan amounts up to $100,000.

These are generally fixed-rate loans, which provide security against rising interest rates. Because of that, the interest rate is typically higher than for a home equity line of credit. As with refinancing, your home remains an asset for you and your heirs. Because your home acts as collateral, it’s important to understand that your home is at risk of foreclosure if you default on the loan.

3. Take Out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, gives you the option to borrow up to your approved credit limit, on an as-needed basis. Unlike a home equity loan, where you pay interest on the entire loan amount whether you’re using the money or not, with a HELOC you pay interest only on the amount of money you actually withdraw. HELOCs are adjustable loans; your monthly payment will change with fluctuating interest rates. The interest is generally tax deductible for loan amounts up to $100,000, and your home remains an asset for you and your heirs. As with a home-equity loan, your home acts as collateral and could be foreclosed if you default.

4. Sell Your Home (and Maybe Downsize)

The other options so far keep you in your existing home. If you’re willing and able to move, however, selling your home gives you access to the equity you have built. This option may be especially appealing if your current residence is too big for your current needs, too difficult/costly to maintain or has prohibitively expensive property taxes. The proceeds can be used to buy a smaller, more affordable home (or you can rent), and you’ll have extra money to save, invest or spend as needed. See Downsize Your Home To Downsize Expenses and Avoid the Downsides of Downsizing In Retirement.

5. Sell Your Home to Your Children

Another alternative to a reverse mortgage is to sell your home to your child (or children). One approach is a sales-leaseback agreement, where you sell the house, then rent it back using the cash from the sale. As landlords, your children get rental income and will be able to take deductions for depreciation, real estate taxes and maintenance.

Another approach is a private reverse mortgage, which works like a reverse mortgage, except the interest and fees stay in the family. Your children make regular payments to you, and when it’s time to sell the house, they recoup their contributions (and interest). Although it’s not free to set up this type of arrangement, it is typically much cheaper than getting a reverse mortgage through a bank, and the home remains an asset for your and your children.

Selling to your children has tax and estate-planning ramifications, so it’s important to work with a qualified tax specialist or attorney.

The Bottom Line

Reverse mortgages may be a good option for people who are “house-rich and cash-poor”, with lots of home equity, but not enough income for retirement. There are other options, however, that allow you to tap into the equity you have built up in your home.

Before making any decisions, it’s a good idea to research your options, shop around for the best rates (where applicable) and consult with a qualified tax specialist or attorney. See Is Relying On Home Equity In Retirement A Good Idea? , and Reverse Mortgage Or Home-Equity Loan?

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Will work for loan payments

A startup aimed at student loan borrowers who have more time than money claims to have helped eliminate more than $100,000 in student loan debt through its platform.

Gradible connects borrowers with businesses that pay users for small-scale tasks–but not in cash. Instead, Gradible pays in “LoanCreds,” which, when redeemed, pay the user’s student loan directly.

“Student loan debt is incurred upon the normal path that people are told they should take to expand their opportunities,” Gradible co-founder Pete Wylie said. “A lot of people we spoke to found that that wasn’t exactly how things worked out for them.”

Though Wylie acknowledged that the problem of student loan debt is systemic, he said supplementing people’s incomes could help.

“The real problem was lack of repayment alternatives, lack of ability to accelerate or increase the amount [borrowers] were paying every month while also having a fulfilling life outside of work,” he said.

Users can write blog posts, use social media or do research for Gradible clients, which mainly are small companies looking for a flexible, educated workforce. Wylie declined to name companies specifically.

So far, Wylie said, about 5,000 users have signed up to do online odd jobs. Most of them, according to the Gradible website, already have full-time jobs and do Gradible work on the side.

The concept is similar to TaskRabbit, or even Craigslist, but the idea of doing odd jobs on the side is far older than the Internet. Paying directly to a loan servicer simply streamlines the process, Wylie said.

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Global Cash Set to Acquire Multimedia Games for $1.2B

Global Cash Access Holdings (GCA) recently agreed to acquire Multimedia Games Holding Company (MGAM) for approximately $1.2 billion or $36.50 per share. This represents a 31.4% premium to Multimedia Games’ closing price of $27.78 on Sep 5.

Las Vegas-based Global Cash provides services such as cash advance, ATM cash withdrawals and check services to gaming industry companies. The company also sells slot machines and jackpot kiosks.

Multimedia Games primarily sells slot machines. As of Jun 30, 2014, the company’s installed base was approximately 13,167 units throughout North America.

The deal is expected to be immediately accretive to Global Cash Holdings. The combined entity is expected to earn cost synergies of approximately $30 million, favorably impacting profitability.

The combined entity is forecasted to yield earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (:EBITDA) of $217 million and revenues of $800 million. The proposed merger is expected to be completed in early 2015.

Per Global Cash, the deal will diversify its revenue base, broaden product portfolio and enhance recurring revenue base (approximately 80%) thereby expanding margins. Global Cash Holdings believes that the acquisition provides it a significant cross-selling opportunity and will help it to penetrate new markets.

Global Cash announced that it has received financing commitment from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank for $800 million Term B loan, $400 million Senior Notes and a revolving credit facility of $50 million.

However, the debt financing will significantly leverage Global Cash’s balance sheet. As of Jun 30, 2014, Global Cash had cash & cash equivalents of $162 million and borrowings of $96 million.

Currently, gaming operators are replacing existing machines at a much slower rate than they have historically, primarily due to the challenging environment and the need to preserve cash. Frequent consolidations have also become a norm as large established players continue to search for distressed companies for cheap.

Scientific Games (SGMS) recently agreed to buy Bally Technologies (BYI), while Italian operator GTECH Spa is in the process of acquiring slot maker International Game Technology. We believe that the current deal makes Global Cash an attractive acquisition candidate in these sluggish market conditions.

Currently, Global Cash has a Zacks Rank #4 (Sell).

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Helpful Advice And Advice On Pay Day Loans – Findsjob

FollowGet urgent $ 800 vip cash loan center Orlando Florida within 1 hr same day 15 min approval. You can also apply urgent $ 1000 fast cash loans Plano Texas no checking account .

Online payday loans are a variety of personal loan that lots of people are familiar with, but have never experimented with on account of concern. The fact is, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, in relation to online payday loans. Payday loans may help, since you will see throughout the recommendations in this post.

When you are in the process of securing a cash advance, be certain to look at the deal carefully, trying to find any hidden fees or crucial pay-back again information and facts. Tend not to signal the deal till you understand fully everything. Seek out red flags, including big service fees if you go per day or maybe more within the loan’s because of date. You could potentially end up paying out way over the first amount borrowed.

To prevent extreme costs, check around prior to taking out a payday loan. There can be a number of companies in your town offering payday cash loans, and some of those companies could offer much better rates as opposed to others. By checking all around, you might be able to spend less after it is time for you to repay the money.

It is a great idea to shop all around prior to deciding on the paycheck loan provider. Different loan providers will offer you diverse prices and fee distinct service fees. If you just go for that first provide you with receive, you might wind up paying far more. Shopping around can save you quite a lot of dollars.

Online payday loans are also referred to as income advancements. Although a money advance may well not seem as frightening as a payday loan, this is the same task. When picking this service it is important to keep in mind that this can be a bank loan and should be handled as a result on your own finances.

If you are looking at obtaining a pay day loan however are uncertain how to start you really should try and turn to diverse sites that ranking paycheck lending internet sites from most reputable to the very least. There are many internet sites devoted to weeding out your poor loan companies from the great versions.

Check out your credit score before you decide to locate a pay day loan. Consumers by using a wholesome credit score can have more ideal interest levels and relation to settlement. If your credit track record is at very poor design, you will definitely spend rates that happen to be increased, and you may not qualify for a lengthier bank loan expression.

Know when your payday loan arrives. It is extremely vital that you usually do not imagine on this time, because if you are even a day delayed, you could find yourself with sizeable penalty charges. Go through each of the small print on your papers, and do everything you may to cover your loan rear within the right time frame.

Payday loans normally carry quite high rates of interest, and ought to only be used for emergency situations. Even though the interest rates are higher, these personal loans can be a life saver, if you locate oneself within a combine. These lending options are particularly helpful whenever a auto stops working, or perhaps an appliance tears up.

Pay day loans are normally expected within 14 events of taking out the borrowed funds. You are offered a choice to either check out the workplace to buy the examine you authored and pay the loan off of or permit the payday loan business office to publish the check you published to your lender for payment.

Search for a cash advance company that offers loans to the people with poor credit. These personal loans are based on your work situation, and capability to repay the money instead of depending on your credit score. Acquiring this sort of money advance can also help you to definitely re-develop very good credit. In the event you conform to the regards to the arrangement, and pay it back on time.

Do not get yourself a personal loan for any over you can pay for to pay back on your own after that pay out period of time. This is a great thought to be able to spend the loan in whole. You do not would like to pay out in installments for the reason that attention is really higher that this will make you are obligated to pay far more than you loaned.

Much like everything else being a client, you need to do your research and research prices to find the best options in online payday loans. Ensure you understand all the specifics around the financial loan, and that you are obtaining the very best prices, terminology along with other conditions for the certain financial circumstances.

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What You Need To Know About Dealing With Payday Loans …

What You Need To Know About Dealing With Payday Loans

Occasionally, bills come due before payday making it difficult to get a payment in on time. You can receive cash quickly with a loan from a payday lender, but consider this option carefully. Read on to learn all about payday loans.

It is important to ensure you can pay back the loan when it is due. Payday loans carry high fees that will compound if you are unable to repay in a timely manner.

Look at all fees carefully with payday loans. With this information you will have a more complete picture of the process and consequences of a payday loan. Consumers are protected by regulations regarding high interest rates. Loan companies will try to get around them by charging a lot of fees. This will only increase the amount that you have to pay. Understanding the fees can benefit you in your decision making process.

Borrow as little as you can when you take out a payday loan. A lot of people need cash for emergencies, but the high interest rates for these loans is far higher than with banks or credit cards. Keep the interest and other fees to a minimum by borrowing the least amount possible.

There are certain organizations that can provide advice and care if you are addicted to payday loans. Their free services can help you get a lower rate or consolidate your loans to help you escape from your predicament.

Payday loans should only be taken out if you have tried every other option available to you. Payday lenders charge very high interest. Be sure to explore any other options that may be available to you before you go ahead and attain a payday loan.

While nobody should depend on payday loans between checks, they can help you when you have an urgent bill to pay. If you only get payday loans on occasion, there should be no issues. Keep the the information here in mind when you need a little help getting back on your feet!

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When contemplating a payday loans despite the fact it can be alluring

Created By Ufghdfg Sdferff Ndfgdf – Be certain not to get beyond to suit your budget to pay back. For example ,, if he or she make it easier to obtain $1000 and put the car as collateral, yet you only require $200, borrowing far too much may bring about the loss of your automobile for those who are can not pay off your whole financing.

When working to attain http://www.lå a cash advance just like any get, it is advisable to spend some time to search around. Various spots have blueprints that differ on interest rates, and satisfactory types of security.Try to look for financing that works well in your best interest.

Oftentimes people see on their own during a career from which they may have hardly any other solution than to get a payday advance. If you can circumvent this process, you could try your best to do so. Or perhaps associate that you can acquire from, look into asking them before turning to getting a pay day loan specialist, when you have a family member.

When researching a fast cash advance vender, investigate whether they definitely are a lead loan merchant or an indirect loan merchant. Special loan companies are loaning you their unique capitol, unlike an indirect mortgage provider is in the role of a middleman. An indirect bank has to get their trim way too, however the service is in all likelihood just as good. This means you shell out a much higher rate of interest.

Don’t just enter your drive and auto towards local cash advance centre to acquire a connection loan product. When you would possibly know exactly whereby they are really, verify the postings in the vicinity of your region for others that might have bring down percentage rates. Only a couple of a short time of scientific studies could save you big money.

Find out about disguised . prices. Who knows what a professional might possibly charge you until you speak to, therefore you are transparent about what you need to know. A lot of folks wind up owing in excess of they meant immediately after, they have already without a doubt agreed upon relating to the loan. Do your very best to avoid this by, analyzing all the information you are presented, and constantly questioning everything.

Have a look at other assets, before taking the plunge and choosing a payday advance. The interest charges for payday advances are substantial and for those who have improved choices, check out them first. Check if all your family will loan you the financial resources. Conversely, use a typical mortgage provider. Cash loans should really be considered an final option.

Pay day loans can help in desperate situations, but understand that you could be billed finance allegations may possibly equate to almost 50 percent interest. This tremendous interest rate makes repaying these lending options nearly impossible. The bucks should be subtracted starting from your income may possibly force you most suitable into the payday loan home office for lots more some money.

When evaluating a payday cash loan, you should not decide on your initial organization you find. Preferably, look at several statistics since you can. Even though service providers is only going to charge about 10 or 15 percent, many people would probably bill you 20 and also 25 %. Do your homework in order to find the most cost effective small business.

An important point for people acquiring payday cash advances will never be to lay within your application form. Lying with regards to your application form will be tempting to achieve a loan authorised or perhaps very high amount borrowed, yet it is, inreality and scam, and you could be charged criminally for doing this.

If you find yourself taking into account getting a lån på nettet fast payday loan to repay a unique type of think about, reduce and credit ratings regarding it. It could finally end up costing you greatly significantly more make use of this method about just paying for overdue-fee cost on the line of credit rating. You may be tied to investment allegations, application premiums besides other charges which are associated. Suppose very hard and huge when it is worth it.

Continuously have a look at other mortgage companies until now, choosing try using a online payday loan program. When you can obtain from a member of family, secured a financial institution loan product, and even a visa or mastercard, it is far better for ones pocketbook. The charges engaged in these other options are commonly a great deal less, as opposed to those for a payday advance.

Look into each of your possibilities. Any time you invest time to contrast some your own mortgages vs cash advance loans, you may find that there exists some financial institutions that, actually provide a stronger cost for online payday loans. All of it depends upon your credit track record, and how much cash you need to use. Scientific studies is likely to help you save a large amount of your money.

More often than not, you will need to have a nice checking account to get a online payday loan. The reason is , loan companies most commonly need you to authorize straight monthly payment on your checking account the afternoon the financial loan arrives. It will be taken as soon as your paycheck is slated that needs to be deposited.

Fees who are related to online payday loans are made up of a variety of sorts of costs. You will have to find out the interest rate range, penalty charges if there can be app and digesting expenses. These expenses will change anywhere between a number of loan merchants, so be sure you think about various creditors before signing any arrangements.

Take care going well over any kind of fast payday loan. Often, everyday people feel that that they may pay for on the next repay cycle, but their financing winds up taking greater and more substantial until they are departed with virtually no funds arriving using their income. They happen to be identified within the pattern just where they http://www.låån-med-lav-rente are unable to pay up it to come back.

You must are aware of the reimbursement words, before you take out a fast payday loan. These loans offer high interest rates and tough fees and penalties, and also fines and deals only amplify for anyone who is delayed making a check. Prior to now 100 % critiquing and learning the phrases to avoid these complaints, you should not acquire a loan.