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??? Full Report – How Payday Loans Are A Fast Solution To …

Do you need a loan right now? Is your credit history spotty? Fortunately, options do exist. Cash advance loans are good way to go if you need to get some money fast and you do not have another place to go. The following tips will help you make the best of a bad situation by helping you find the best payday loan possible.

Depending on state, payday loan companies either have exceptions to usury laws carved out just for them, or flout usury laws through creative loan structuring. Interest disguised as fees will be attached to the loans. These fees may equal as much as ten times the usual interest rate of standard loans.

Whenever the due date of your payday loan arrives and you can’t pay it back, you should immediately contact the lender and see if you can get an extension. Cash advance loans can often give you a 1-2 day extension on a payment if you are upfront with them and do not make a habit of it. Do bear in mind that these extensions often cost extra in fees.

Avoid loan brokers and deal directly with the payday loan company. There are many sites out there that will take your information and try to match you with a lender, but this can be a little risky since you are giving out sensitive information about yourself.

Don’t take out a loan if you will not have the funds to repay it. The lending institution will send your account to collections if you miss any payments. Your bank will assess fees for insufficient funds, which will make it even harder to pay your loan back. Double-check to make sure that you have or will have what it takes to pay back the money.

Make absolutely sure that you will be able to pay you loan back by the due date. Interest rates for payday loans are typically very high. Late fees are even higher. It is imperative that these types of loans are paid on time. It’s even better to do so prior to the day they are due in full.

A great tip for those of you looking to take out a payday loan is to find a lender that is not opposed to working with you if any hardships come your way when it is time to pay back your loan. Some understand the circumstances involved when people take out cash advance loans.

Take caution when using automatic bill pay systems if you are using payday loan services. It may be the case that your lender has a system that automatically renews your unpaid loan and deducts fees from your bank account. Most of these do not require any action from you aside from setting it up. This practice can prevent you from ever paying off your loan, and cost you hundreds of your hard-earned dollars in the process. Be sure to read the fine print before entering into any type of loan.

When you need to get your budget in line after an emergency, it’s best to set yourself up to avoid any further emergencies. Do not become complacent. Understand that the money you borrow must be paid back.

Getting payday advances are something to take very seriously. They can damage your credit and cost you an exorbitant amount of money if you are not careful. Cash advances aren’t for money to play around with. You might have to get it from somewhere else in the future.

Keep an eye out for marketers that get paid to in order to associate you to various lenders. Businesses that operate in foreign countries are not subject to the same laws and penalties for taking advantage of customers. This can result in you doing business with a lender located outside of your country which may cost you more in the long run that what was initially agreed upon.

Payday Lender

You should make sure your record of business with a payday lender is kept in good standing. This is important, as payment history is taken into account when determining whether to lend to someone in the future and how much they are willing to lend. For maximum effect, only use one payday lender each time you need a loan.

Look into the state that the lender operates from. Each state has different laws with regards to loans. Oftentimes, shady payday lenders will operate overseas or in states that do not have strict lending laws. When you know their state of business, check out the laws governing lenders in that state.

Try to avoid taking out multiple loans from payday companies, especially if you have a history of not paying your loans back. You might have a need for money, but judging by your history with payday loans, you shouldn’t get one.

When you are dealing with a quick loan company on the Internet or another remote way, you should avoid having to send a facsimile. Faxing copies of physical documents is required by some lenders, but you likely do not have a fax machine. Local copy shops may charge you up to $5 a page to fax in your paperwork, and this expense is easily avoided if you choose the right lender.

Only borrow the amount that you can afford to pay back. It is likely that your financial situation is going to remain tight; therefore, be cautious when borrowing money. If you have to roll the loan over week after week, your effective wage will go down since you have to pay the rollover fees.

This article shows that cash advances can be a good, last-resort option when you need money right now. This is a quick way to get access to money, even with bad credit. By using the advice this article has provided you with, you can get a worry-free payday loan.

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Rapid Recovery Solution, An Authority Among Commercial Debt …

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Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) November 28, 2013

Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. voices its disapproval of high-interest loans targeting servicemen and women.

According to a November 22 article from The New York Times’ Dealbook titled “Service Members Trapped In Cycle of Debt,” payday loans are crippling the bank accounts of many of America’s bravest citizens. Thousands of active duty members are at risk of falling victim to these high-interest monetary advances.

One such soldier, Petty Officer First Class Vernaye Kelly, has publicly opposed the predatory practices of some lenders. “Someone has to start caring…I’m worried about the sailors who are coming up behind me.” Officer Kelly sees $ 350 deducted from each of her bimonthly Navy paychecks to pay off loans with interest rates of nearly 40 percent.

In 2006, Congress passed the Military Lending Act to protect service members from dangerous short-term loans and caps interest rates at 36 percent. However, the law does not cover loans over $ 2,000 that last for more than three months. Auto-title loans of six months and over are also exempt from the act’s protections.

John Monderine, CEO of Rapid Recovery Solution, voices his objections. “Although any group of consumers being victims of predatory loans is worrisome, it is especially unsettling to see service members singled out by aggressive lenders. They often turn to payday loans without fully understanding the ramifications of the commitments. Therefore, it is the responsibility of our armed forces to better educate soldiers on financial matters.” Monderine continues. “Any consumer, especially those in the military, curious about how to best satisfy their outstanding loans should turn to the guidance of commercial debt collection agencies.

Founded in 2006, Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. is headquartered at the highest point of beautiful Long Island. Rapid Recovery Collection Agency is committed to recovering your funds. We believe that every debtor has the ability to pay if motivated correctly. We DO NOT alienate the debtors; we attempt to align with them and offer a number of ways to resolve not only your debt but also all their debts.


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Payday Loan Business: Payday Loans – Cash For Your Needs …

Image payday-loans-37.jpg

According to recent research, there is an increasing number of Americans running into credit problems, with more and more having adverse marks on their credit reports. Even one negative mark on your credit can prevent you from getting a loan or a line of credit; especially the way credit card companies and banks operate in post-recession world, tightening lending criteria. A lesser number of banks are willing to lend to consumers with average credit scores these days, put aside bad credit borrowers. However, even with banks suspending their lending activities to high risk borrowers, it is possible to obtain financing even with bad credit in form of a payday loan.

Payday Loans Are a Good Short-Term Financing Solution

Payday loans, often called cash advances, are short-term low-amount loans that may be utilized to address temporary financing needs. They are called payday loans since repayment periods are very short, with loan repayment often due on the date of your next paycheck. Some cash advances, however, may feature longer terms, but they almost never exceed a month or two. While such loans may be a great relief for short-term problems, they are in no way a long-term credit solution. This is mainly due to interest composition of payday loans.

Many people take cash advances out and roll them over every week or two, paying interest and leaving the principal aside. While this may seem convenient enough for some borrowers, it is a losing proposition in the long run, since rates on cash advances are a multiple of interest on traditional bank loans in terms of APR. Also, laws in some states do not allow borrowers to extend payday loans over specified amount of time.

Payday Loans Are Extremely Easy To Obtain

Despite having obvious disadvantages, such as high interest charges and short terms, payday loans are getting increasingly popular due to the fact that they are very easy to qualify for. Since they do not require a credit check, almost anybody may qualify for a payday loan, provided he or she has a regular source of income and a valid bank account. Most lenders offer instant approval and cash disbursement in exchange of a promise to repay in form of a post-dated check or a signed bank withdrawal authorization. Many payday lenders operate online, with all of loan steps, from approval to loan repayment, being done electronically: the loan proceeds are deposited into a bank account of the borrowers via a bank transfer with loan repayment being electronically withdrawn on the due date.

Do Your Homework to Avoid Disappointment

Since payday lenders offer different rates and terms, it is important to perform due diligence in order to get the deal best, suited to your financing needs. There are a number of resources online that may perform this work for you, saving a good amount of time. Before giving any personal information to potential payday lenders, always make sure that they are legitimate, as there is an increasing number of scammers operating online, trying to collect personal and banking information for criminal use. Checking with your local Better Business Bureau or consumer rights office would typically do the trick. It is also important to make sure that all the terms and conditions are clear to you before committing to any payday loan offer.


Five Tips When Comparing Health-Care Credit Cards

If you’re stuck with a medical bill that’s more than you can afford to repay in cash, a credit card that’s designed specifically for health-care expenses may help you quickly fill the gap.

Most medical credit cards offer long-term, interest-deferred financing and you can usually get instantly approved. However, before you apply for the first card you see advertised in your medical practitioner’s office, think hard about the kind of loan you are signing up for, say experts.

(See’s “Health-care financing comparison chart” and “Medical credit cards: Treatment today, payment headaches tomorrow“)

“In any borrowing situation, you want to find the absolute best terms,” says Karen Carlson, director of education at the nonprofit credit counseling agency InCharge Debt Solutions. That way, you don’t wind up paying far more for a procedure than you need to.

Here are five expert tips for helping make sure you choose the best loan option for health-care financing.

1. Don’t assume it’s a good deal

If you’re like most people, the first time you learned about a particular kind of medical credit card was probably at your doctor’s office.

The receptionist may have handed you a brochure after you asked about medical financing. Or you may have noticed the brochures while waiting to be called in.

Many health-care providers — especially those who serve patients with limited health insurance coverage, such as dentists — partner exclusively with third-party creditors, such as CareCredit or Citibank, on special financing deals for patients.

The cards help doctors’ offices get repaid quickly for services while offering patients a way to finance procedures they may not otherwise be able to pay for all at once. ; ; ;

However, don’t be fooled by the brochure’s glossy veneer — or by the fact that your doctor’s office is recommending it, say experts. Just because your health-care provider is offering a particular card doesn’t mean that it’s the best deal out there.

Too often, “people put blinders on and look at the advertising and the kind, loving stock photos and just assume that because it’s designated as a medical credit card, it somehow has better terms than other kinds of loans,” says InCharge Debt Solution’s Carlson.

However, that’s often not the case, she says — especially if you can’t afford to repay a card’s balance by the time its promotional deal expires. “One major provider, the standard interest rate is 26.99%,” says Carlson. Unless you have truly blemished credit, you can probably get a better deal with just a plain vanilla credit card.

“People hold their doctors in very high esteem, but doctors are not trained to give financial advice,” she adds. “They’re there to provide you with high quality medical services.” ;

2. Read the terms

Most medical credit cards offer long-term, interest-deferred financing deals that can make signing up for the card seem like a no-brainer.

You may be able to get, for example, an interest-deferred loan on a pricey medical procedure that gives you anywhere between six and 24 months to pay it off. ;

But there’s a catch. With a deferred-interest credit card, if you don’t repay a card’s balance in full by the time the promotional period expires, you may be charged the card’s standard interest rate on the entire amount charged to the card — retroactive to the date of the first purchase. ; ;

“Look at the fine print,” says Mark Rukavina, founder of the health-care consulting group, Community Health Advisors. “Look long and hard to make sure if you sign up for one of these cards you’re going to be able to repay according to the terms.”

3. Do the math

After you’ve scanned the terms and conditions that are included with the application, use a loan payoff calculator to see how much you’ll have to pay each month to retire the debt before the interest-free promotional period expires. You may find that the monthly payment that is needed to wipe out the balance before interest kicks in is far more than you can afford to pay, says InCharge Debt Solution’s Carlson.

Don’t rely on the lender to calculate your monthly payment for you, adds Jill Nussinow of Santa Rosa, Calif.

Nussinow, who has a CareCredit card, says she learned the hard way. After she began using her card, she became confused by the monthly payment that was listed on her credit card statement. Nussinow assumed that the payment CareCredit listed would add up to the full amount owed by the time the promotional period expired.

However, it turns out that was just a minimum monthly payment. “What they don’t tell you when you get the card is that the payment that they ask you to make does not cover the actual payment if it were divided into equal payments for the year of free interest,” says Nussinow. “Initially, I was paying the amount that they said was the payment, [and] the balance was not changing much,” she says.

However, “once I spoke to someone and they explained that, I changed from making the $40-per-month payment that they say is due as the minimum payment to $150 so that it can actually get paid off.”

“You should really pay attention to what it is that you’re signing up for, and what it is that you’re doing,” Nussinow adds. “Very rarely is there a free ride.”

4. Consider your options ;

Just because a health-care provider mentions a particular payment option doesn’t mean it’s the only loan available to you.

“There are many ways to borrow money,” says Carlson. Research your options before you apply and see if you can find better terms with a similar interest-deferred or low-interest deal, she says.

“This advice is not unique to medical credit cards,” Carlson adds. Ask yourself, ‘Are these the best terms you can get? Can you afford it?’ Then shop around.”

Don’t be afraid to ask at your doctor’s office whether it offer its own extended payment plan, says Rukavina. “Communicate with the provider and see whether they have some ideas or some sort of program in place to help,” he says. “Oftentimes people don’t ask this and they’re not made aware” of alternative payment plans.

If the health-care provider doesn’t offer an extended payment plan, it still may be willing to give you a discount, says Rukavina, or recommend another program that can help. “People just should not be reluctant to ask whether there’s any kind of financial assistance out there, or whether fees can be reduced, or whether the provider would be willing to negotiate an extended payment plan,” he says.

5. Think back on how you’ve used credit in the past

You know yourself better than anyone else, says Carlson. Before you sign up for any kind of loan, look at your past behavior. Ask yourself if you are disciplined enough to repay the debt before the promotional period expires on a medical credit card.

For example, if you’re the kind of person who pays off your credit card balance each month, then a deferred-interest loan may be a good option. However, if you’re a minimum-payment type, a deferred-interest card can be a terrible option, says Carlson. ;

Health-care credit cards work best if you can afford the monthly payment during the deferred-interest period and if you are financially stable and can work within a budget, she says. ;

But be honest with yourself about whether that description fits how you really use credit. “Don’t live in a dream world,” says Carlson.

See related: Infographic: Medical bill trouble often part of larger money woes, Who’s liable for a minor’s medical debt?


If Print | Several Payday Loan Advantages for You

It is not uncommon for emergency financial situations to happen. Many people experience these things and in such cases, conventional loans from banks will not help. The problem with these bank loans is that it takes too long to be processed. Turnaround time for these bank loans can take a few days to even weeks. In addition, banks would require their loan applicants to submit a number of documentation and financial information for credit check. This could be too much for some individuals who need to have a quick source of funds. The solution is to apply for payday loans online.

There are however a few things to consider before filling up that payday loan application. Firs, payday loan interest can be a little higher than conventional loans. That is just normal since these types of loans are unsecured and most payday loan providers do not conduct credit checks. In addition, there are stiffer penalties for late payments so make sure that the loan is paid on time to avoid late fees and increased interest rates. The key to enjoying a payday loan without any problems is to properly assess one’s capacity to pay the loan on time otherwise these loans will not be useful at all.



Even though not all people agree that applying for payday loans online is the perfect solution to cope with financial crush but we cannot deny that a payday loan can help us preventing a long term crisis. There are reasons why a payday loan can prevent us from having a long term financial crisis.

The first one is we can short out a short term financial disaster by taking out a payday loan. In one case, covering unexpected expenses with a payday loan can help us stabilizing our financial management. The second one is a payday loan can be the solution for our desperate of quick cash.


1 Hour Pay Day Loans Launches All-New Blog Content for – SBWire

Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 12/04/2012 — Pay Day loans have become a large and sometimes controversial part of financial news in recent times, with an explosion of companies offering short-term, high-interest loans for an increasing number of people who a struggling to make ends meet in difficult economic times. 1 Hour Pay Day Loans ( is a website specializing in offering advice and information on this topic, and has recently published a raft of content designed to elucidate readers as to the risks and rewards of this new financial strategy.

New topics include “Are Same Day Loans A Sensible Solution?” (, in which the often asked question is met by a detailed analysis of the factors all borrowers should take into consideration before making a decision, including the real cost of a payday loan against a typical loan, reasons to viably consider a payday loan, and ways to obtain a short term loan.

Similarly, “When Banks Say No, Borrowers Turn To Instant Approval Pay Day Loans” (, which explains for absolute beginners the concept and process of payday loans, and why they have proven to be so useful for those in certain financial circumstances. The piece aims to demystify the process while instilling realistic expectations.

The site also enables its users to apply for state-specific pay day loans that can be applied for, granted and received in under an hour.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We are primarily an advice site and so we aim to regularly update readers new and returning on the insights the industry is giving us. We have a streamlined interface for individuals looking to find payday loans to do so legally according to their state’s specific regulations, because we wish to protect borrowers from a lot of unnecessary hassle. By educating and informing them on the prevalent perspectives surrounding payday loans as well as insider information, we can ensure that borrowers are going to make the right decisions for their circumstances.”

About 1 Hour Pay Day Loans
1 Hour Payday Loans USA was formed with the idea that the more information someone has available to them in a single place, the better they will be able to form an educated opinion about that subject. State laws change very frequently so the site has put them all in one large up-to-date website so users will always know what’s available in each state. For more information please visit:


How to Get an Assets Based Loan: More Information on This Product Will be Available on the UB Solution's Website on …

NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – Traditional Banks may have significant problems with asset-based loans. Banks are limited by the internal credit granting philosophies and federal regulations. Asset-based lenders that are either nonbanks or separate subsidiaries of banks are not subject to such restrictions. This gives asset-based lenders the ability to finance thinly capitalized companies.

Asset Based Loans are usually made by a Bank’s Assets Based Lending Division, Commercial Finance Companies and Private Capital Sources. This kind of Financing is usually used in the absence of sufficient equity or more conventional loan, by the companies that do not have the credit rating or track record to qualify for more traditional types of financing, may be rapidly growing, highly leveraged, in the midst of a turnaround or undercapitalized. Asset-based lenders focus on the quality of collateral rather than on credit ratings.

Most asset-based lenders would prefer to make loans larger than $500,000, because the cost to monitor an asset-based loan is generally the same whether it’s large or small. Asset Based Lenders generally have higher expenses than Bankers, therefore Assets Based Loans are more expensive than bank financing.

Assets Based Loan is the loan collateralized by an asset or combination of assets. If loan is not repaid a lender has the right to seize the underlying collateral.

In the corporate world a loan is tied to the inventory, accounts receivable, purchase orders, machinery and equipment. However, Private Capital Sources might be able to secure a loan against Real Estate, Paintings, Wine Collection, Work of Art, Jewelry, Publically Traded Securities, etc.

Assets Based Financing takes place when borrower is unable to raise capital in the normal marketplace or needs more immediate capital for project financing needs, such as inventory purchases, acquisitions and expansions.

An Asset Based line of credit is usually designed to allow the company to bridge itself between the timing of cash flows of payments it receives and expenses – the delay between selling something to a customer and receiving payment for it.

The revolving credit limit fluctuates based on the actual accounts receivables balances that the company has on an ongoing basis. A lender will monitor and evaluate the accounts receivables size, that in exchange allows for larger limit lines of credits. As a protection, terms stipulating seizure of the collateral in the event of default allow the lender to profitably collect the money owed to the company in the case of default.

The lender hedges its risk by controlling who the company does business with to make sure that the company’s customers can actually pay, by requiring that the company deposit all of its funds into a “blocked” account. The lender then approves any withdrawals from that account by the company.


The reason to establish a revolver is to maximize the lending capacity available to the borrower.

The line of credit typically is secured by the company’s receivables, equipment and inventory.

Term of a revolver is usually one to three years. The borrower grants a security interest in its receivables, equipment and inventory to the lender as collateral to secure the loan.

The borrowing base consists of the assets that are available to collateralize a revolver. The size of the borrowing base correlated with the borrower’s current assets , but limited to the overall revolving line’s of credit size. As the borrower generates additional receivables from sales, increases amount of the inventory, acquires new equipment, the borrowing base will reflect all the changes that can be augmented on the monthly basis, but should be compared to the balance sheet for consistency.

Hard Money, Bridge Financing and Mezzanine Loans are also Assets Based, but used as a last resort by the borrowers that will not be approved by the more conventional lending sources or when available amount from these sources has been exhausted.

Universal Business Structured Solution is equipped with specialized knowledge of the marketplace. By examining every aspect of our client’s business UB Solution is able to engineer out of the box affordable financing quickly and efficiently. Based on the client’s particular situation we can bring Debt, Equity, Bridge and Mezzanine Financing to the table from a Private and Institutional Capital Sources.

Please contact UB Solution for more information regarding our services or for an initial consultation and evaluation:

Yury Iofe, Managing Partner, MBA
Universal Business Structured Solution
More educational resources:

This article was originally distributed on PRWeb. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit


Universal Business Structured Solution
Yury Iofe


How to Get a Bridge Loan Financed by a Private Capital Source. More information on This Product Will be Available on …

NEW YORK, N.Y., Aug. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – Universal Business Structured Solution creates a new innovative way to provide borrowers with Out of the Box Financial Solutions for Bridge Financing. More information on this product will be available on the Universal Business Structured Solution’s web site on August 16th, 2012.

Bridge Financing is a short term financial solution that provides necessary liquidity while waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected exit strategy (inflow of cash). Bridge Loan is more expensive than other more conventional loans, but can be funded in a relatively short period of time.

Private Investors have more lenient underwriting requirements, but would call for:

a). Proof of the value of the underling collateral and Financing a lower LTV amount

b). Quick liquidity of underlying assets in case of nonperformance (ability to auction assets in a short period of time)

There are two types of bridge loans: Closed Bridge and Open Bridge.

1. Closed Bridge Financing is where the client has a definite date and commitment from another Funding Source for a take out financing. Lender knows exactly when and how the loan will be paid back, so this option is less risky and therefore will have lower interest rate comparing to the second option. In some cases the Bridge Lender is able to provide a permanent financial solution and bring this transaction to the lowest possible level of risk for the both parties: The Lender and the Borrower.

2. Open Bridge Financing does not have defined exit strategy: take out financing commitment, date, etc. This transaction brings much higher risk to the Lender and therefore is more expensive.

Without a sufficient knowledge on the subject, prospective borrowers loose a comparative advantage that would otherwise allow them:

I. Bring the deal that requires Bridging Finance to the Right Funding Sources

II. Negotiate and Close in a timely matter.

If Bridge Financing is an essential element for the future of the business, please read the information below and become prepared and organized before you talk to any lending source:

1. Bridge Financing considered a very risky loan. The most important thing any lender wants to make sure of is that loan shall be paid back on time and with required interest.

2. Have clear exit strategy in place (Saying if anything happens, the building will be sold in the open market- is not a good exit strategy. Having a commitment for a permanent financing in place – is a very good exit strategy).

3. Know asset classes that are accepted for a Bridge Financing:

a). Commercial Real Estate

b). Eligible company’s assets: Accounts Receivable, Finalized Purchase Orders, Inventory and Equipment

c). Other Valuables: Paintings, Wine Collection, Work of Art, Jewelry, Publically Traded Securities, etc.

Different assets, depending on a liquidity, cash flow, demand, etc. will call for different loan term.

If different assets should be combined under one roof for a purpose of a Bridge Financing be prepared to analyze Weighted Averaged Cost of Capital on the project.

4. Most of the Bridge Loans financed by a Private Capital Source is Interest Only loans with a Balloon Payment at the end. Lender usually wants to see the ability to pay monthly payments and the final Balloon Payment.

Be ready to provide the following

a). Historical Company’s Financial Statements and at least couple of years of future projections.

b).Information on Company’s assets value

c). Outstanding debt schedule: amount, lender’s name, maturity, interest

d). Personal Financial Statement on all principals

5. Post-Financing Performance:

Be prepared to strengthen and finalize the case with improved Post-Financing Performance.

Universal Business Structured Solution occasionally gets requests to provide Bridge Loan collateralized by hard to finance assets: Raw Land, In Ground non-producing Oil and Gas, etc. Is it possible? Yes, but please be prepared to do your job as a Borrower: be ready to prove the ability to pay the loan back with an interest and have a clear exit strategy in place.

Getting a Bridge Financing puts company at much greater risk comparing to a conventional loan, so this process has to be very carefully planned and potential risk must be assessed.

Universal Business Structured Solution is equipped with specialized knowledge of the marketplace. By examining every aspect of our client’s business Universal Business Structured Solution is able to engineer affordable financing quickly and efficiently.

Contact Universal Business Structured Solution for more information regarding our services, or for an initial consultation and evaluation.

Yury Iofe, Managing Partner, MBA
Universal Business Structured Solution


More educational resources:

This article was originally distributed on PRWeb. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit


Universal Business Structured Solution
Yury Iofe