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Mary J Blige Tax Lien – State Of New Jersey Wants $900,000 From Cash-Troubled Singer

Mary J Blige Tax Lien – State Of New Jersey Wants $900,000 From Cash-Troubled Singer

A new Mary J Blige tax lien indicates that the singer is far from being in the clear when it comes to her financial woes. According to TMZ, the R&B singer – who was recently sued for defaulting on a bank loan – has been hit with a tax lien from the Garden State, who want to know where their $901,769.65 is hiding. TMZ obtained the official documents that state the worrying scale of Blige’s monetary troubles.

This latest revelation is not the first cash-related problem that has faced Mary J Blige recently, either. In fact, the news that she owes almost a million dollars in back taxes merely adds to the already rather gargantuan problems that she’s faced, of late. She was sued for defaulting on a $500,000 bank loan just recently but last year, she was sued for allegedly defaulting on a $2.2 million bank loan and before that, her charity was also sued, this time for failing to pay back a $250,000. Whatever else you might think about Mary J. Blige, all signs seem to point to the fact that this Grammy award winning singer is not good with money.

In reference to the charity’s financial problems, Blige insists that it was a case of ‘can’t get the staff.’ She said the problem there was “I didn’t have the right people in the right places doing the right things.” We’re not entirely sure who she’s blaming for all the other mishaps and her people haven’t answered TMZ’s call as yet.

Mary J Blige – hit with a $900k tax lien


Dwyane Wade's Father Sued Over College Loan Recap

On Tuesday Dwyane Wade’s Father Sued Over College Loan was a top story. Here is the recap: (TMZ) Dwyane Wade’s father wasn’t always banking on his son becoming a gazillionaire … because he took out a loan to attend trade school back in the day … a loan he allegedly never re-paid.

TMZ has learned … D-Wade Sr. is being sued by the U.S. Govt. for defaulting on a $4,630.46 loan intended for higher education.

According to the docs, Wade Sr. borrowed the cash to attend the Environmental Technical Institute — which specializes in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

The loan was approved in 2001 — the same year Dwyane Wade Jr. entered his freshman year at Marquette University.

The U.S. Govt. is going after Wade Sr. for the full amount of the loan — plus interest — totaling $6,221.44 … which DW Sr. could probably find in his son’s couch cushions. – more on this story