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Keeping money in one place a key to getting a mortgage

By Scott Sheldon January 30, 2015 12:00 am

Keeping your money in one place is vital to a mortgage transaction.

Cash to close and savings post closing escrow become critically important to sealing the deal. I’ll detail what you need to know if you’ve been moving money around and are applying for a mortgage.

It’s an issue for banks

Moving money around in different accounts may raise concerns for suspicious activity with home mortgage banks. Lenders these days must be able to document the paper of funds on each and every loan made. While 99.9 percent of mortgage borrowers are simply moving money from one bank account to another for various convenience reasons, they are at the same time creating a red flag when the origin of the funds cannot be substantiated.

When you move money around, the lender has to document each account the money passes through.

Picture yourself having a standard checking account that does not contain significant assets but is used for your monthly accounting of bills and expenses, and you took the money for your down payment to purchase a home from another account and moved this money into your checking account while continuing to pay bills.

It could appear to the mortgage lender, like you, are spending part of your down payment creating a cash to close roadblock. A better solution? Keep the money in the same place. Transfer the money when needed, sending directly to escrow on your loan transaction, simplifying the details.

Create a paper trail

To best avoid lending conditions surrounding money movement, be prepared to show the full statements of the monies leaving each account. It is customary within mortgage lending to provide two months of statements for each account needed for cash to close escrow and/or for savings required after the fact as a safety cushion. This paper trail must appear to the naked eye that the money begins in one account, goes to another and ends up at close of escrow.

As long as the paper trail is clear and conspicuous, the lender should have no concerns with these monies as long as the funds can be supported. The same goes for gift funds; gift monies will also need a clear paper trail. The same requirements that come into play maybe needed for that safety cushion incumbent of your loan program.

For example:

• Conventional loans: Two months mortgage payments needed in the bank in most cases financing a primary home, six months of mortgage payments for investment homes for all properties owned.

• FHA loans: No reserve requirement.

• VA loans: no reserve requirement.

• Jumbo loan: Varies by lender; generally at least six months mortgage payments in assets needed post closing escrow.

*If you plan to use a bank statement in conjunction for obtaining a mortgage that shows a history of money movement, including money transfers and other various accounts and/or additional monies being deposited independent of your income, you’re going to have some homework to do.

Other considerations include:

• Joint bank accounts: If you’ve been moving money out of an account with another party whose name is on the account but is not a party to the mortgage transaction, the lender is going to request a letter from this other individual stating you have 100 percent access to those funds.

• Cash deposits: Placing cash deposits in your bank account independent of your normal income, i.e., your normal job, can be problematic for getting a mortgage because these monies cannot be identified as to the origin of where they come from raising possible suspicious activity concerns even though they can be legitimate deposits-like freelancing or side jobs. Lenders want to see at least two months of mortgage statements without cash deposits and without large movements of money otherwise, expect these transfer and deposits to be identified, questioned and documented.

While these requirements can be somewhat of a nuisance making the prospect of getting a mortgage somewhat unpleasant, it is also a byproduct of the quality of loans being made in the market today, fully documenting improving everything leaving no stone unturned further substantiating a mortgage borrower’s ability to qualify.

As such, these credit requirements help ensure there is little risk to buying a home or taking on a mortgage you cannot afford.

Scott Sheldon is a local mortgage lender, with a decade of experience helping consumers purchase and refinance primary homes second homes and investment properties. Learn more at


Chidambaram describes Direct Cash Transfer scheme a 'pure magic'

Jaipur, Dec 22 (ANI): Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Saturday described the Direct Cash Transfer to be a ‘pure magic’ and appealed to the banks to take the responsibility of making this scheme a success.

Chidambaram, who inaugurated the 1000th branch of State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur here, said the Direct Cash Transfer scheme would end the scope corruption or leakage.

“Through this direct benefit transfer, the money when it is released in Delhi will be instantaneously credited into the bank account of the beneficiary. If the money is released at 10 in the morning, at the same time within seconds the money will be credited in the bank account of the beneficiary,” said Chidambaram.

” There is no way anybody can stop it, there is no way anybody can steal it, there is no scope for leakage, there is no scope for corruption, the money will be in account of the beneficiary immediately after the money is released in Delhi, which is why I call it pure magic from the point of view of the student or the beneficiary,” he added.

Chidambaram said every Indian has the right to banking and avail services like loans from banks.

“Every citizen of India has the right to have a bank account, every citizen of India has the right to ask for a loan, depending upon his economic situation and his capacity to repay the loan,” he said.

Chidambaram said the poor are equally credit worthy like the wealthy and asked banks to open branches in areas, where banking services are not available.

“Banks must lend to the poor, it is not the rich alone that are credit worthy, the poor are equally credit worthy, if not more credit worthy. Our experience says that the poor man or poor women in India feel that it is their duty to repay the loan,” said Chidambaram.

“It’s a matter of honour, it’s a matter of pride that I have taken a loan; I have repaid a loan. So, the poor are not bad borrowers, the poor are good borrowers. Banks must therefore lend to the poor,” he added.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also addressed at the function. (ANI)


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According to your problem of residence, employment status as well as income, you’ll be able to be eligible for a a loan of up to $1500, and some loan providers will lend a maximum of $500. You will have possibility to discover how much you be entitled to just before accepting any bank loan agreement.

There is certainly an essential lawful big difference from a present as well as a loan. A really generous relative or perhaps good friend could give you $5000 regarding car repairs, for instance. In the event that there is no expectation of payment, the amount of money could be a gift. The actual giver could not sue regarding payment after within a municipal suit. But when the borrowed funds provider designates the amount of money just like a loan as well as the customer will pay back even a dollar, the cash may very well be a real loan and also the loan provider can demand repayment anytime. Little statements legal courts spend a lot of time identifying regardless of whether the deal including cash would be a present or perhaps bank loan. For this reason paperwork is important when designing personal financial loans in order to pals or perhaps family members.

The needs to get credit are pretty straight forward. If you’re employed, having a month-to-month earnings involving $800 or higher, and also have a banking account, you satisfy the fundamental requirements. A number of loan providers inside our network could have additional needs.

Money lending products tend to be unsecured financial products eliminated on the following wage. Since they’re short-term financial products, they may be little; different from $100 to $1500 as well as payment comes to your next pay day. They could be very useful for conquering a quick fiscal urgent situation, but really should not be regarded as a long-term financial option.

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Most home loan programs are usually addressed through finance institutions or other expert loan companies. They could use a various conditions to determine in case your potential client is skilled for a financial loan. Past credit rating is virtually usually regarded, together with existing earnings as well as assets. The objective of the credit can be a good issue-a established investment chance might have a lot more appeal than a good misdirected concept for just about any new eating place. One essential consideration may be the revenue to credit card debt ratio from the customer. Can the client have the ability to pay the loan back again interest? Professional loan companies generally ‘sell’ income, consequently debtors should be aware simply how much financing really ‘costs’ in relation to actual money.

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